Everything You Need to Know about Hikvision DS 7208HUHI K2 P

A CCTV system doesn’t just involve a camera. You need something to decode the images that come from the camera and display it on a screen. Most modern systems include a good-quality and efficient DVR or a Digital Video Recorder. If you have a sophisticated camera like the DS 2CD2385G1 I 2.8 MM, you need a good DVR to accompany it. Fortunately, Hikvision provides a great device that can process and record images. It will work every type of display and even record the images in a CD or USB if needed. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. Support for Different Camera Types

 The Hikvision DVR supports different types of cameras and can process images effectively. It can also support HD feeds, which is necessary if you have an HD CCTV camera and want to take full advantage of its capabilities. Here’s a look at some of the inputs it can support:

  • HDTVI input from 8 MP, 5 MP, 4 MP, and 3 MP cameras. It can support resolutions of 1080p30, 1080p25, 720p60, 720p50, 720p30, and 720p25.
  • AHD input support from 5 MP and 4 MP cameras with resolutions of 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p25, and 720p30.
  • CVI input support from 4 MP camera with resolutions of 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p25, 720p30.
  • CVBS input support.
  • Hikvision PoC camera

This DVR is very versatile and can fit into your old security system easily. Just make sure you double-check the specs and ensure the systems are truly compatible.

2. Expandable Memory

 Many security systems collect a large amount of data and you can’t just delete everything without assessing it. Sometimes it is a good idea to hold onto the data for as long as possible to ensure there’s no use for it. This DVR comes with options to expand memory or add an external memory drive to store the information. There are two output portals for SATA drives that can support 10TB each, which is ample storage space, even for video data. You can always transfer the information to cloud servers from the memory storage drives.

  1. Time and Cost-Effective

 This device makes using CCTV cameras easy. The input is converted in HD video seamlessly and without delay. You can monitor your property actively without experiencing any disruption in the feed. The DVR is also more affordable than other systems available in the market. You can set up a system of camera and DVR in less than $500 is needed. If you’re worried about security but are on a tight budget, this option is ideal for you.

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This device is also designed to withstand different kinds of working conditions and can tolerate high levels of humidity.

If you want to know more about DS 7208HUHI K2 P, don’t hesitate to contact us or explore the product page. It is a good idea to consult with a professional before you buy a DVR for your camera to ensure everything is compatible.