Chatbot: Quick help in your pocket

We all need help in life, be it in the smallest ways or in the biggest obstacles in life. We also happen to live in a world filled with technology and it has been a boon in our lives. Among the more used technologies is the internet and one developing area of software is Artificial Intelligence. AI is basically granting sentience to computers via programming. We are far from the main concept of AI, but in all ways and form, we are knocking at its door.

Among the more recently used AI, are chatbots, these are robots which can imitate human speech through call or text. Companies use it to lobby for them and act as the first step to get through to another person. It helps in saving money and eliminating the need to employ people. These can be very advanced and sometimes it may be very hard to distinguish them from real humans. This is partly due to the advancement of machine learning and natural language processing. They have found use; primarily in the customer service department, such as tier-1 operatives and customer satisfaction reps. The rise of chatbots can be attributed to technology and how it is increasingly becoming easier to create them. The special requisites to create these bots are now redundant.

Today there is the ability to create your own chatbots, serving specific purposes; via a drag and drop interface. The ease has allowed people to find specific usage for chatbots. Some of these can be used for helping patients of Alzheimer’s, the chatbots can be designed to analyse speech patterns and notice any deviations from regular speech. This allows the tracking of the extent of damage, by doctors and even family members. It can also be used to engage in conversations promoting products or helping people find services. There are many companies working on chatbot development India; who aim to provide the company to push their products or service through another channel.

This very purpose is what is mainly used by many companies. They have specialised chatbots to help market a product or a service on their website. This part of the chatbot industry is what entices more companies and organizations and also helps funnel more funding into their development. Today we are at a stage when most chatbots can pass the Turing Test. Its usage is virtually limitless and can branch to all facets of life. The fact that bots can take over human work is what entices companies.

The reach of chatbots is not only on their own platform, but companies can push out useful bots in other messaging platforms such as messenger. Here they can provide news, information and even help you find a service or a product. Yet, despite all the advancements, there is always a risk for chatbots getting out of control. This is a reason why chatbot companies monitor them closely and ensure that they do not go out of control. The future for these is very bright and their impact cannot be understated.