How can E-learning change high education industry?

The answer on this question is difficult, but obvious. Educational system is upgrading and gradually moving to the World Web. Many universities began to offer distance learning, appeared some new completely online colleges and this allows any student to study at the university that is located on the other side of the globe. Besides this, appeared many service that aim to ease students’ lives, websites where you can find tutor on any subject, buy dissertation online, or ask professional to edit your essay. This helped many students to boost their performance and get higher grades. Even someone who has no desire to study can change his mind because everything is much easier today!

There’re still some unanswered questions because some older and more conservative universities continue to follow old educational model; but soon our ideas about education will change forever.

So how can E-learning change high education industry?

Features of online education (or individual courses)

Technologies have made the dissemination of information substantially free, so all we need to do now is start using it wisely.

Open educational resources offer a wealth of information for training created by experienced teachers and can be used for free via the Internet. Wikipedia offers free access to any topic. Sites like Khan Academy put emphasis on the creation of thousands of educational videos, which any student can access.

We already can see whole schools that operate online like Keystone School or online colleges like University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, The Open University, and University of the People. There’re some programs issuing certificates like And preparatory programs for entrepreneurs like Also, today you can find specialized art schools online ( and programs that prepare students to passing exams (Top Test Prep, GrockIt, Knewton, RevolutionPrep, TutorJam, BrightStorm).

Even more Internet-resources for teachers and students are forming. All these tools make communication, and experience or information exchanges much easier.

New educational models have the ability to train more people at the same time and, in addition, teaching this way becomes more efficient.

Quality of online education

Classical and virtual forms of education are often compared. In the majority of cases this is done to highlight the most distinct advantages of the first form, and in response to this The US Department of Education posted a report from one meta-analysis, which proves that distant learning is not less effective than the classic model.

Technologies continue infiltrating into our life, and this process can’t leave behind such valuable sphere of our lives as education. Today we have all necessary conditions for online education. Why shouldn’t we give it a shot and try to benefit from it?! With E-learning you will be able to study and gain degree without interrupting your core activities or spending additional time and money to learn the same thing at the university.

Availability of information as a benefit of Internet Education

Fast and relatively cheap access is one of the main advantages of the Internet. While for students all over the world, communication and information are the two primary benefits of online learning because nowadays, all kinds of information can be updated and modified at any time and any number of times, which improves the quality of learning and understanding.

It is clear that distance learning will not replace traditional one. Simply because some subjects require using sophisticated equipment for practice. But there are relatively few specialties that really need that; for the rest, the only remaining question is when universities will learn how to create comfortable environment for remote students and when some of us will overcome their skepticism about E-learning.