The Best Remote Controlled Cars

If you were looking for the best remote controlled cars, do you know what features you would be looking for?

Although ‘best’ is often subjective, there are a few key features that make the best remote controlled cars stand out from the rest.


What’s the point in having a remote controlled car if it isn’t fast, hey? Although speed is only one factor, for most enthusiasts and remote controlled car users, it’s one of the main things looked for when buying a RC car.

Adjustable setup

If you’re looking or the best remote controlled cars, it’s probably a safe assumption that you’re not just a hobbyist. For race enthusiasts, they tend to look for RC cars with an adjustable setup to allow their own customisation when racing with friends.

Professional build quality

Just like with everyday cars, build quality is important – the better the build quality, the better the remote controlled car will last, operate longer and function better over time.

 Battery power

In addition to the brushless motor, a Lipo battery will give more power than a NiMh battery, so the racer will have a more responsive, faster and stronger remote controlled car.

Upgraded components

If you’re really looking for the best remote controlled cars, look carefully at the specification. Upgraded parts such as a brushless motor and ESC, Lipo batteries and chargers, aluminium oil filled shocks, working differentials and aluminium parts such as drive shaft or slipper clutch really do make a difference.

Pre-painted shell

Although this may sound petty, a pre-painted steel looks better and more professional, creating a better impression for racers, rather than taking time to have to paint/detail a hobby grade model.

Respected by reviewers

Perhaps the easiest way to choose the best remote controlled cars is to look for the best reviews. Once a remote controlled car has received the accolades of professional reviewers, it stands to reason that it’s better than most.

What’s a good example of one of the best remote controlled cars I could choose?

Taking all of the above into consideration, one of the best remote controlled cars around appears to be the HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy 2.4Ghz (Pro Brushless Version)

Whilst fulfilling all the criteria for best remote controlled cars, this model was the voted  the ’Auto Express Best Buy Remote Controlled Car of 2016’, who said “Nitrotek’s HSP XSTR Buggy was such good fun we couldn’t put down the controller”.  Strong praise indeed, hey?

Of course, you don’t need to purchase this remote controlled car. But if you really were looking for one of the best remote controlled cars, could you really afford not to?