Best Day Planner Apps for your easy days

Planner apps seem a little pointless until you get used to having them. It is only then when you realize just how much you “don’t” do during a day. You start to see all the small things being ticked off your list and you begin to realize that your list is so long because you are unorganized and not because you do not have enough time. Each on the list has its own pros and cons so the list is in no particular order.

 1. Cozi

 This app will work for the iOS or the Android and helps you organize smaller things in your life. It can be used for things as simple as grocery lists or your things to buy list, or you can use it to organize your week and keep track of your appointments or deadlines. It gives you access to your organizer very efficiently so you can make changes and check up on your progress very quickly. It has a calendar function that helps you keep things organized.

 2. My Daily Planner

 This is an iOS and Android app and is termed as an all in one app for arranging your appointments, meetings, events and playing with your emails. They have a calendar you can check and to-do list to arrange your daily tasks. You get alerts as to what is currently due and what is due tomorrow, which may also be checked via the home screen where there is a score telling you what is due today, tomorrow and what is coming soon. There are functions to help you be more productive and to help you keep track of things that need to be done in installments such as dissertations or ongoing projects.

3. Pageonce

 This app works for the Android or the iOS, though they could make that fact a little more obvious on their website. It helps you pay your bills and organize your finances. It is very big into the idea that you pay your bills via reminders you set yourself. It also allows you to check your money statements and check your balances whilst streamlining your finances. Obviously, you should be very careful entering any financial account details into any sort of app.

 4. Menu Planner

 This is just for the iPhone and iPad and is actually far more useful than you may give it credit for. It allows you to plan your meals in advance so that you waste less and so that you are less likely to snack instead of eat a good meal. You can plan your grocery lists to match your menu too so you do not buy too much of one thing or not enough of another. Knowing what days you are going to eat certain meals also helps to reduce the amount of spoiled food that leaves your house.

 5. Smart Gardener

 When people say there are apps for everything they are not kidding. This is an app to help you plan your gardening and is especially good if you grow vegetables and you need to sow and tend them at certain times. It also has tips on how to grow your vegetables to make them a little more prosperous. This is a web app which means you need to connect through your web browser.

 6. Instapaper

 This works for the iOS and the Android. It is a convenience tool allowing you to save web pages for later. You can plan what you are going to read at a later date.

 7. Evernote

 This app works for the IOS, blackberry, Windows and Android. It is more than just a note taker as you can set up alerts, organize your files, set out categories, store pictures, videos and audio files and it has a range of customizations so that you can manage your files a lot more easily. It is great for taking quick notes and sorting them out later when you have the time, which means it is also good for monitoring things such as your expenses or calorie intake.

 8. Shoeboxed

 This is an iPhone app that allows you to take photos of your receipts and file them or save your files and sort them out at a later date. It is good for planning and doing your taxes and can help you plan your day and track things such as your expenses through the day. You can make up expense reports which you may send off to your desktop computer to use later.

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