Best Buses App for Android Users

We all know that buses are one of the cheapest and safest modes of travel in India and also across the globe. Here is the list of some of the best bus apps that will surely make yourbus journey hassle-free and smooth.

1. ixigo Buses

Definitely one of the best apps for buses, it allows you to book bus tickets between two cities without the fuss of standing in long queues and too much waiting time. It is quite helpful when it comes to tracking and booking bus tickets between the source and destination cities. You can use the specialized feature “to and fro” for the above task. Once you have typed your source and destination city, the app offers a comprehensive list of all of the bus options for those cities. You can choose from Volvos, deluxe buses, A/C buses as well as inter state road buses.

ixigo buses app also allows a quick filter feature which gives you loads of options for queries like travel duration, price and departure time of buses. It also has the facility which gives you a chance to choose from a wide range of routes for different buses, a comparative price analysis and the lowest bus fares.

2. Bangalore Buses
This bus app is like a boon to the people living in Bangalore City and comes quite handy for local bus travelling. It is useful for those who know the exact bus routes and numbers. You have to just enter the route number in the search bar and it will give you two options–Search Bus Routes and Get a list of bus stops. If you browse through these searches, you will know which bus stop and route suits you the best. Additionally, it has two options–direct Source as well target option for exact results. However, this app can be used only by Windows phones.

3. Catch The Bus

A must have app with travellers who tend to forget the bus schedules, Catch the Bus app uses the information feeds from GPS trackers, thus giving the exact prediction of bus arrival at your stop. It uses Google Maps View which allow you to search and locate the nearest bus stops. It also displays your existing location and your bus stops in the area which is nearest to your location. There is this “My Stops” feature which allows you to save your preferences for any future use. In addition to all this, the app will tell you the exact timings of arrival of bus at your selected stop. This bus app is available on iPod Touch, iPhone, Android devices and iPad. The bus app covers all routes through Boston’s MBTA and SF Muni.

4. Live London Bus Tracker

This London-specific app is very useful in tracking bus arrivals at different stops and it covers almost 90% of all the bus stops in London. The app works by collecting all the necessary transport information from  London’s countdown data stream and provides the collective information to the users in a very simple and user-friendly format. It shows a list of bus options at almost all the bus stops and also the arrival time at a particular bus stop that is selected by the user.

It also gives information on various bus stops that lie in a close proximity to your chosen area. There is a “Favourites Feature” that allows you to save your most frequently used bus stop so that you don’t have to type in the required fields every time you are using this bus app. The Live Countdown feature offers all the bus arrival related information and it covers around 20,000 bus stops in London. With a number of user-friendly features,  Live London Bus Tracker is surely one of the best bus appsfor those who frequently travel by bus in the city.

The above mentioned list of bus apps are applicable for Windows, iOS and Android phones. All you have to do is to just download these apps based on your phone’s compatibility and bandwidth for a user-friendly experience.

Author Bio:

This post is submitted by Chandralekha. This time she has written information about buses app for android. In order to make your trip hassle free use best rail app and PNR app etc. Hope the information shared about the buses app may help to plan your trip.