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Apple’s Venture With Google Maps Is Disturbing Nokia – Nokia’s Here Attracting Less Users!

Apple, after facing embarrassment due to its Maps App introduced in iOS 6, has now come back to Google to avail their mapping services. Although, it’s not just Apple acquiring Google Maps, many other companies are also doing the same. Apple’s switching back to Google is somewhat hurting news for Nokia, as the later was expecting to offer their mapping option to Apple.

After Apple agreeing to Google Maps and the launch of Maps App on Wednesday, it has reached at top place of the most downloaded free apps. It was great news for iPhone 5 users who were worried about the disturbing Maps App of iOS 6 and were looking for some quick update from Apple or some other better option.

Nokia released its Maps App, named ‘Here,’ in November, and made news in the IT industry; however, many users have given that just one star. According to AppData, an app analytical service, Nokia’s Here downloads were high in November, but now it’s not receiving any attention of the users at App Store.

The situation has let Nokia face severe competitive disadvantage in the Smartphone industry. Stephen Elop, the chief executive of Nokia, revealed that that their maps are available for iPhone owners and the objective of company behind that move is to improve their location database. More people using app will make the system smarter. With enhanced maps, Nokia would be in a better position to secure its Lumia Smartphones.

After Apple’s switching back to Google Maps, Nokia will have to depend totally on its Lumia phones for improved location database. However, Nokia is also facing poor sales of Lumia, that’s a big challenge for its venture to enter more locations into its maps. It has also been worsened by the increasing success of Google and its functioning maps.

Mr. Costa explained that if they succeed with their Smartphone, it would be a great achievement for Nokia, particularly for Here. Their handsets will appear in competition with other rivals of the industry and Here will be there, accompanying the success journey.

Nokia has also offered its Maps to the third party apps developers. The company provides the developers with a toolkit so that they could integrate the application with any platform. The options include Android, iPhones, Windows, and Web.

iPhone users will have to run unlock iPhone 4 software in order to use the Nokia maps app from some 3rd party developers. However, they can also buy the app from App Store of Apple.

Are you using Nokia Apps or glad to see Google back on iPhone? Share your opinion or experience!