Apple and Data Analytics- An Interesting Bonding Ever

Apple has been proving itself as one of the most profitable companies in the technology industry. Since years Apple has been delivering awesome services to its users and employs only highly expertise people, but still in such a level of success, Apple finds companies using big data giving competition. Apple’s competitors are using big data to check how people are actually using them. So those companies which used big data came up with exciting features like navigation, voice recognition and other awesome features. Using big data and its analytics, companies are able to come in touch to the level of Apple’s reputation and giving Apple buckets of insecurity. Many organizations and competitors of Apple are making their employees to get big data training or the so called data analytics training from reputed online training organizations like Intellipaat, who provide corporate training. This inverstment on employess for corporate training by the companies that tries competating Apple are happy with the result of ROI through business developments.

Apple And Data Analytics

Although Apple had all these features from before, but still other companies using big data are able to run the race with Apple although they started late. Other companies with their brilliant apps are able to sell their mobiles to the customers all over the market. With the lesser price, these competitors are able to provide similar services to their users.

Apps based on sharing data have become very common in today’s mobile phone. These have helped people to buy phones belonging to the competitors of Apple. Developers are always ready to work on big data developing awesome user-friendly applications. Seeing the market where its competitors are flourishing by the utilization of big data, even Apple forwarded its hand towards Big data. An example of this is the business partnership with IBM for developing the mobile applications relating to health care.

Coming in contact with IBM, Apple has started using big data to build a bunch of applications, giving tough competition to other competitors in the global market. Apple with the bonding of big data is using the big data analytics and is maintaining its extraordinary reputation in the market.

An example of Apple using Big data analytics is the Apple Watch. Creating this Apple watch, this company has introduced wearable electronics in the industry bringing a revolution to the market. This watch can be worn for the entire day allowing all your data to get stored safely.

The voice recognition feature in the Apple devices is also another feature that is possible due to big data analytics. Big data captures this voice data and then gives to the cloud pool and then compares with the voice of the billions of users. Voice recognition feature helps a lot in the criminal investigations and Apple is able to provide such brilliant services only because of the influence of big data.

Apple by using Big Data is providing cloud-based storage to its users. People like this storage style and thus, Apple is able to give tough competition to other companies. Recently Apple has purchased a database named as foundationDB. This will help Apple to create even better and larger number of apps using big data and will turn the services of Apple even more happening.

The most interesting features in the Apple phone is the product design. Apple has been able to provide a better product in every newer version and behind this, big data plays a really big role. Big data finds out the pattern of utilization of the Apple products, what people like the most and what changes people look for the apple features. Collecting such data apple is always being able to make better features. Apple coming in touch with big data is able to give a great user experience and this proves the big business balls of big data.

Coming into touch with big data, iPhones are giving awesome music experience to the users through its iTunes. With the launch of Hungama and Beats, the use of iTunes has declined. Apple is going to launch another improved music app very soon,

It is seen that though Apple has started lately in using big data, but still, it has attained a lot of improvements in its features and services under the use of big data. So with the pioneering use of big data, Apple will be further able to receive its excellence and please users with better experience in using the iPhones.

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