8 Top Selling Gadgets that are Anyway Unique!!

What is the most brilliant thing about the gadgets? Of course their simplicity!!

Ever imagined your life without the gadgets? Well, we can’t!! These have made our lives so easier that approx our 60% of our daily chores are done by these gadgets. Nowadays, these are not mere the gadgets, even we can call them the “smart gadgets”, as these are a step ahead from the formerly used gadgets.

Well, let us have a look at the top selling gadgets of the era that had made our life a bit easier than it used to be.

Best Space Room Heaters


Top Selling Gadgets

Gone are the days when we used to shiver in that cold weather, hence losing our comforts.The invention of room heaters is just more than a boon to cope up with this chilled weather. There are a lot of available options in the market and now we can choose from the best room heaters. You can shop through the online sites as they offer a lot of discount on the leading brands.

However, today’s selling room heaters don’t have those long wires that occupy most of your room’s space. It uses infrared rays to generate warmth in the nearby spaces. These are not so expensive and gives you the best results, hence falling among the top selling gadgets.


  • Ideal for small/medium sized room
  • Completely noiseless operations
  • Safety cut off
  • Thermal cut off
  • Overheat protection

Pocket Size Washing Machines 

Top Selling Gadgets

These are the proving to be the best travel gadgets of 2018. Ok..let me ask you the question that while traveling what is the thing that occupies much of your bag’s space. And the most obvious thing is our clothes because we are always confuse which pair to carry. As a result, we end up carrying the extra pairs.

With portable washing machines, you don’t need to carry the extra pair because you can wash your clothes anytime and everywhere. The only needed thing is some liters of water and a washing liquid. This gadget is so handy and small in size, that you can carry it anywhere you want.


  • Lightest washing machine weighing only 142 gms
  • Grip backing is there to prevent from outside and inside slipping
  • Air release valve
  • Transparent window to govern washing and water levels
  • Doubles as a dry bag

Travel Steam Iron 

Due to its smaller size, they are easy to carry while traveling for the trips. The compact travel steam iron is equal to the size of a computer mouse. These are more beneficial for the business men who are always on the trip to the cities and don’t get enough time to take their clothes for the laundry. Also, most of the time our clothes tend to have some inevitable wrinkles due to tight packing. And the rest is not needed to say!!


  • Easy to pack
  • Extra long cords
  • A ceramic soleplate is there
  • An anti-drip design is there
  • There are three heating levels

Video Recording Sunglasses

Capturing the moments is always the best as these things remain with us when we are back from our trip and look for the memories. But don’t you think so that carrying the DSLR’s all the time is a school day talk. Video recording sunglasses are something that serves manyfold purpose for you. Firstly it does all your recordings without any efforts. You just have to wear them by making the view angle so that to take a perfect recording.


  • Ultra thin frame
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Time/date stamp
  • Records audio and video
  • Built in memory

 The Instant Coffee Maker

Waking up with a cup of coffee is even more fab. Sometimes during the trip, the circumstances are not in favor to get all our needs. Therefore carrying your own gadgets is beneficial. The instant coffee maker lets you prepare a cup of coffee without many efforts. All you do have to mix the ingredients and the rest is your delightful sip.


  • Coffee strength control
  • After 2 hours it shut downs automatically
  • Water filtration, can remove 97% of chlorine for better water filtration
  • Programmable timer
  • Keeps your coffee warm for a long time

The Cool Speakers

Who said gadgets cannot be cool enough? Nowadays there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers that lets you play your favorite sound whenever you want. Also, these are small in size and even looks cool. If you had heard about the SpongeBob speakers, then these are cool enough to carry everywhere and during the parties too. Also, they are very handy to use and occupies very little space in your backpack.

If we talk about the power supply then you just have to fully charge your device and it runs for long hours. Therefore, you can stay tuned to this device for long hours.


  • Uplifting sound quality
  • LED light system
  • Great battery backup, can sustain for long hours when in use
  • Pocket size and even tablets design too
  • Could connect with any of the device 

Waterproof Digital Camera 

For the people who are more attached to the watery trips, these are very cool inventions. It is better to carry the waterproof digital cameras which can rotate up to 146 degrees. This ultrawide technology gives you better view and resolution of the images. Go for it, because the day when you will be only looking for the memories, these would be definitely with you.


  • Raw format support
  • Good Zoom Control
  • Full featured GPS
  • White balance performance
  • Advanced Filters

Noise Cancelling Earphones

Sometimes, we are not able to concentrate on the things we want to do. Noise canceling earphones are something that prevents our ears from loud noise when we really want to concentrate.

Also, the past year was probably famous for these earphones. And thanks to the online websites for bringing the best deals on the noise canceling earphones. They made it fall within everyone’s budget.


  • Prevents you from ambient noise, traffic sound and other nuisance
  • Less damage to your ears
  • These are battery powered
  • Controls your music and calls at Apple devices with inline remote
  • Deep Sound for the music you love

These were some of the cool techies that deserve to at your place this year.