March 4, 2021

7 Alternative apps that are better than Apple’s Apps

Apple has ruled the mobile industry by providing the sleekest apps to enhance the user experience of the iPhone. Although the App Store is filled with thousands of high-quality apps in each category, luckily there are other alternate stands out apps available that are better than Apple’s own apps.

We have rounded up a list of apps that will help you get the most out of your iPhone and make it so much better.

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Use mailbox instead of Apple’s Mailbox

Mailbox is the most anticipated email client that uses gestures to get your inbox zero. Mailbox is much better app than Apple’s mail box. Mailbox encourages you to take care of your message and not skip them. A great feature is the “Later” option which pushes an email away and brings it on the top of your inbox to appear at the time you want so that you don’t miss out reading an important email. You can also use Auto swipe option that will archive some messages so they stay in order for you to find.

Use Google Maps instead of Apple’s Maps

With Google Maps, the navigation and mapping have become a lot better. Everyone prefers Google maps over Apple’s maps as its reliable and easiest to use whether you’re walking or traveling by bus, car, and train. In addition, it has an added feature now that gives live traffic and incident updates and most importantly you won’t get lost with the app.

Use Evernote instead of Notes

Evernote App is one of the best apps which enables you to make notes easily, keep them organized, and save them to your devices. You can create handwritten notes, add photos, and set reminders, flag notes to revisit them later. Moreover, you can continue writing articles from where you left and create a notebook which you can find easily. Most importantly Evernote synchs across all the devices including iPad, iPhone, laptop, computer etc.

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Use Spotify instead of Apple’s Music

Spotify app lets you get access to a massive music library without occupying any space. Apple’s music app allows listening music that you have downloaded, whereas Spotify lets you listen to latest music and helps you discover millions of songs from a single tab. It even allows you to store and listen to music offline.

Instead of Weather, use Dark Sky

The weather app in iPhone gives the right weather report. Dark sky is considered to be the most accurate weather app. With Dark sky app, you can get every minute information and weather predictions for the next few days and weeks. The app gets tracks your location via GPS and inform you when it’s about to rain or snow in your area. You can also watch radar animations to see radar movements.

Use Google calendar instead of calendar

Google calendar looks way better than Apple calendar. The information presented looks quite appealing and useful than Apple’s default app. The first half of the calendar shows you the whole month, the second half shows you what’s next. By scrolling down you can see what is coming up in the future, you can tap on the top right corner to check present day schedule.

Use Google Chrome instead of Safari

Google chrome and safari almost have the same features, but Google relatively offers a seamless user experience when on your PC, laptop and across all other devices. Not only that, it offers data saving, fast browsing, voice, and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for location guidance, keeping notes or organizing your photos, we have presented you apps that are better than Apple’s creation. Make sure to get your hands on the alternate apps to enjoy a seamless user experience.

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