6 Features of a Hi-tech Home Security Camera

Homes with security camera are less likely to be broken into, and installing it can be one of the simplest ways to feel safer and protected in your home. Monitoring device will offer you a second set of eyes for your house at all times, and depending on the camera, you can check into your home anytime and from anywhere.

Over the last decade, surveillance system has enormously improved and there are numerous styles and features available for this device. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult for you to pick the best home security camera system. Here are some of features specified which can guide you to purchase the right surveillance device for your house.


Most of the hi-tech security cameras come with the feature of recording, and it is one of the most important features. Burglars and thieves usually break into a house when no one is present, hence it would be a smart decision to install monitoring device that can record on a computer or digital video recorder. The recorded footage will help use it as evidence and enable the investigators identifying the criminals.

Remote Video Monitoring

The ability to access the video feed remotely is one of the most recent and significant upgrades in surveillance systems. Security system integrated with IP cameras make it easy to monitor your home online using any of the smart gadgets like smartphones and tablets. This adds an advantage as you can have a view on the happenings inside your house even if you are far way from the location.

Motion Detection

Surveillance system with motion detection feature can notify you of suspicious activity and you can immediately check the footage, taking effective measures for the situation. Monitoring device with this additional feature is worthy enough for investment.

Night Vision

A camera with infrared capability increases the capacity to capture the activities around, covering a huge area. The device can record images even in low to no-light conditions. The better the infrared capability, the more clear recordings the device can offer.

Microphone and Speakers

Today’s surveillance devices are linked with the intercom systems that allow monitoring through verbal contact. This feature will help you enquire about the visitor without opening the door and hence, you can be ready for the situation if the person comes up with evil motives.

Weather Resistance

Both interior and exterior monitoring of your house is essential. Therefore, when you plan to install surveillance device in an outdoor location, you must consider the feature of weather resistance. Also, the degree of weather resistance depends on the location, but make sure that the device can withstand rain.

The above discussed features offer you guidance to buy surveillance camera for home security in India with the necessary information that are required to make an informed decision to purchase the appropriate security device for your house.