5 Ways To Make Your Apple Products More Secure

In today’s time, data breach of any kind is a very big matter as a lot is at stake in most such cases. Apart from the fact that any unlawful element can use your phone in any manner, he also can swipe away your important data and take advantage of that. While most phones and electronic devices have features that ensure safety, not all of them are effective. In this article, we will discuss 5 things that you can doto make your Apple products more secure.

Opting for a stronger password

Now this is just one way in which you can prevent any person from gaining access to your iPhone or iPad. Don’t go for a simple four-digit passcode as it is very easy to decode. Instead, use a longer password with several numbers, letters and special characters. Another thing that you could do is to set for a password request as soon as the lock screen is swiped. You can also set the ‘erase data’ option where after 10 failed attempts to enter all your data, it would be automatically removed. However, remember data would be gone forever and you need to keep a regular backup as a precaution.

Using an antivirus

An antivirus keeps your mobile safe and all attempts to break in are promptly thwarted. Trustworthy software like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac defends any device with iOS to ensure that you never have to worry about any information being breached. Just a simple subscription keeps you tension free as the possibility of hacking as well as any intrusion are reduced.

Disabling Siri for lock screen feature

Though Siri is a highly helpful feature it can sometimes be a cause for worry. The problem remains that Siri can respond to anyone’s instructions and is not just limited to its owners call. So, if you keep it enabled even on a locked screen it is quite possible that someone may just gain entry by saying ‘Hi, Siri’. You may keep it enabled once the device is unlocked as the convenience that accompanies it is manifold and you would not want to lose that.

Discard automatic connection to Wi-Fi hotspots

Though it is a highly convenient feature the habit of iPhone to automatically connect with any close by hotspots can prove to be a bane for you. This is because most hackers are available online and they use such weak Wi-Fi connections to invade settings and retrieve all that they require. Therefore make sure that you disable this habit of your phone to keep yourself protected at all times. You could also get Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS which takes care that no unlawful entry is ever allowed.

Remove lock screen notifications

Phones have a habit of publishing all the notifications you receive from any apps the moment your mobile gets connected to Wi-Fi. This means that as soon as the device falls intothe wrong hands, that person gets a peek into some valuable information you might have, like any future meetings, confirmation codes, financial transactions, etc. To be honest, even if a person gets so much as a peek into such information, that is enough of a risk for you and it is wise to do away with the lock-screen notification feature.


Keeping your iPhone or any other Apple device protected may seem like a herculean task but if you are careful, you may never have to deal with any problem. Following the above tips ensures that hackers just stay away. In any case, if you are unsure what to do, you can opt for antivirus software for your device. This is one sure-shot way of remaining safe and you can use this as your failsafe.