5 Ideas to Market Effectively through SMS

SMS marketing has become a trend for the companies to boost and build customer relationships, foster loyalty. Many companies use SMS marketing through announcements and confirmations with a good reason. The SMS providers have made it easy for such companies to connect with the general public.

The simple message techniques can act as a good social media campaign, and here are some ideas on how to effectively market through SMS:

  • Today everyone has a cell phone and keeps it with themselves almost throughout the day. This helps in catching attention easily. The companies can sum up their promotion into 160 words and broadcast it on a perfect media plan. This is the most cost-effective way, and these text messages will increase awareness not only with the customers but with the general public as well. This works best for broad demographic and across border reach as well.
  • With the use of SMS, companies can determine how many customers are still engaged in the business. It is a tendency that people treat SMS very personally and with simply greeting with their first names, companies can grab their attention to the business very easily. Research has shown that by greeting with the first names the response rates from the customers are higher as they feel committed to the company in their own way.
  • Offers can be sent to customers through SMS. The companies can come up with many offer programs through messaging, and offers with special discount code in the SMS are also a big hit. Sometimes, companies can use messages to remind their customers of an upcoming or currently existing offer for them which can be benefited as well. By timely sending these offer SMS to the customers has proven to receive a good response rate.
  • It is not necessary to use the entire 160 words for SMS campaigning. Using a URL of the company website or application can lead to increase in traffic as well. Nowadays there are bloggers who want to engage their customers with their blogs and website and they make use of the SMS campaigning to keep the traffic on their website going.
  • Companies can run customer survey programs through broadcast messages. Long customer survey forms can be tiring and boring for customers. A simple return message with yes or no can be enough to receive the feedback from the customers. A lot of companies take the response from the customers of their call centre employees through this form. After every call, the customer receives a message if they liked the call and all the customer has to do is reply with a yes or no. This gives companies opportunity to understand the quality of the people and products as well

From the above, it can be seen that SMS can be used to assess engagement of the business and remind customers about their brand and provide reward points for the supporters. SMS providers give high deliver ability rates, better reach, accurate reporting and great support to the staff as well.