4 Important Digital Camera Accessories

If you are new to digital cameras, this article will provide some useful information that you would like to know. Digital cameras need many accessories to increase the versatility of the camera and enrich the photographer’s hobbies or professional practice. Here are some of the important accessories needed by digital cameras:

1. Memory cards: Memory cards are one of the most important accessories that a digital camera needs. Virtually all digital cameras have an SD slot and many newer cameras use the SDHC cards up to 32GB. Memory cards or any other digital cameras should be bought from a reputed and reliable dealer. To know about a reliable store, you can visit Har Gobind Investments Ltd. Here are some of the popular formats of memory cards:

  • CompactFlash: They are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging up to 32 GB. They are usually cheaper per megabyte than other standard media. CF is present in most prosumer cameras. There are 2 types of CF cards- CF type I and CF type II.
  • Secure digital: They are available in a wide range of sizes and are usually cheaper than CompactFlash (CF).    They are small in size and hence are available in entry level cameras to DSLR cameras.
  • Multi Media Card (MMC): They are smaller to SD cards from outside and are not compatible with SD cards.
  • Memory Stick (MS): These are used by most Sony cameras, and only by Sony cameras. MS cards are mostly produced by Sony; this is often the reason of the higher prices of the card. Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo) is a variant which is smaller in size and can be used with regular MS cards via an adapter.
  • xD- picture card (xD): These memory cards are developed by Fuji and Olympus. They are compact in size, but are generally 2 times more expensive than SD or CF cards.

2.  Card readers: Most cameras come with a USB with which you can transfer the digital images from the camera to a computer. A USB card reader can speed things up. It can be purchased from any electronic store and costs less than a memory card. Most card readers can support more than one card type. Just make sure that the one you are buying can support your camera’s memory card. Many laptop and netbook computers now come with built- in card reader.

3. Tripods: These are 3 legged devices that provide stability to the camera and help in enhancing the quality of the captured images. There are devices that perform the same function but are 1 legged. They are known as monopods. The cost of a tripod can vary to amazing amounts. Flimsy tripods are less durable, less stable and flexible and are usually heavier than high quality tripods.

4. Batteries: Nearly all digital cameras come with rechargeable Li-on batteries. Many cameras also use non- rechargeable batteries. These are common battery cells, available in a variety of sizes. These batteries gradually discharge over time and is hence not recommended as an ideal choice. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, have universal compatibility.