3 Typical Problems Related To Front Camera of a Smartphone

Selfies are love for a majority of smartphone users. However, the love ruins when there rises a serious problem in the front camera. This actually creates a heart-attack to the selfie lovers, perplexing them how to click photos and upload it on social media platforms.

Are you suffering from the same issue, troubling with the front camera of your smartphone? Well, you may knock the door of the cell phone repair parts service providing company. But before that, you must go through the blog and choose your problem type. Maybe this will help you to explain them. 

3 Common Problems of Front Camera That Can Be Fixed Temporary

  1. Camera showing black screen: Is your camera showing a black screen whenever you try to click photos or take a video? This is common for Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huwaei, and other smartphone users. The problem may arise due to hardware issues and software issues.

    Now if the former is the reason, it is difficult to fix them on your own. But for software issues, there is a chance that you can fix it yourself. Follow the few steps and get back the original version of your phone.

    Step 1: Switch off your smartphone. Reboot it and play the camera.
    Step 2: If you are using a smartphone with a removable battery, remove it and fix it again for the result.
    Step 3: Uninstalling third-party applications can even fix your problem. Try it once.
    Step 4: Clear the cache, especially the camera cache and restart your phone.
    Step 5: If nothing works, go for factory reset and restart your smartphone.

  2. Front flash not working: Flash feature in the camera is to click bright photos in a dark or dim light environment. But when the flash doesn’t work properly, it creates a headache and upset the selfie lovers. The reasons that can give rise to this issue are like no sufficient charge, software problem, third-party camera applications, and hardware damage.

    The following steps may help you in fixing this problem.

    Step 1: Uninstall the third-party camera applications that you have installed for advanced features. They may not support the flashlight effect.
    Step 2: Make sure the smartphone as a sufficient charge to turn on the flashlight.
    Step 3: Switch off and restart the phone and observe the difference.
    Step 4: Clear the cache data. This may work in a better way.

  3. Images are blurred: Many a time we blur the background to highlight the object in front. It is a modern trend of editing a picture and uploading it on social media. But the problem arises when the entire image is blurred and there occurs difficulty in taking a snap.

    Here are some steps following which you may fix this problem to some extent.

    Step 1: Clean the camera lens with a piece of cotton cloth.
    Step 2: Clear cache data and reboot the phone.
    Step 3: Adjust the lens, focus it properly, to avoid blurring.
    Step 4: If nothing works, do the factory reset. The hard boot may sometimes bring back the original condition of the smartphone.

What’s next?

It is not always possible to reach out to the store and ask for the service. We agree. And that’s the reason why we have listed down the above tips that can fix your problem temporary.

So, stop wondering and follow the aforesaid guidelines for clicking selfies. Hey, don’t forget to tag us and give a front camera fixing courtesy!

Later on, visit the cell phone repair parts servicing company and repair it for better use.