Wish lists those are topping for iOS9

Anticipations are always pretty consistent for Apple. Each time fans expect something excellent and creative as well from the manufacturers. At present, the fans are directing all their wishes for upcoming iOS9. In general, Apple brings its latest iOS in to picture by June, and a product based on this hits the shelves by September. Anyway, here are the features those are topping the wish lists for iOS 9 this time. Take a look

Cover the unwanted apps

It’s a common habit of most of the leading manufacturers to make plethora of applications available with their system. We don’t know they think it’s a way to impress the fans, or anything, but sometimes it just gets too much. To be honest some of those we hardly use, or rarely use. You don’t want these apps to be completely removed from the system though. Hence, this time it is wished that Cupertino will bring a feature so that we would be able in keeping those invisible, or secret.

Chose your own default apps

So, Cupertino ultimately offered iOS8 with that extra juice, and the users got a chance to implement external keyboard. Actually, this is a spec Android was teasing its rival Apple for long. This time you will enjoy extensions as well that allows someone to take one action in one application to the other. Especially, this is a great feature for the social media freaks.

Wishes are mounting high for the iOS9 to allow users for making more default apps, so that you can get to play with your favourite application in quickest span.

Expanding TouchID

TouchID fingerprint reader is something a pretty popular term among the Cupertino fans. Though it was there with iPhone 5S, still it managed to hit bigger mass through buzz making iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7.

Earlier it was just having the ability to open a device to allow making payment from iTunes. However, things got better with iOS8, as Cupertino made it available to Apple Pay, and other external applications. Hence, you can get in to your online account (of any ecommerce site, for example) through it.

This time fans want it to be even more enhanced to make it able in locking any tool from being accessed without grant.

Making it more efficient as a shared device

Here we come up with another excellent feature that has been long anticipated by the Cupertino fans to be there. We hope this time they are having all those good luck to enjoy in real. Anyway, to be frank this is mostly wished by the iPad users rather than the iPhone owners. Through the process iPad can be increasingly user-friendly in nature. It’s always great to see a single account for every native member, and each of them enjoying their own mail and wish lists. As we have said earlier the feature can be more useful with the iPad in comparison as it has been moreover a preferred device to be shared among your own.