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Why C Programming Is Still Dominating The Market? 4 Reasons To Share

C programming language is considered as one of the high-level languages that are involved in developing several digital systems. Some common and the most prominent C programming based systems that are used worldwide are like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, different databases, 3D movies, and the very popular embedded systems.

Those who are still hovering between ifs and buts must think twice and then answer. Do you really like to avoid the language that has been responsible for developing so many requisites? Do you really like to ignore reality and learn something that actually has the least requirement in the future?

Before you struggle to give the answer, let us share with you some reasons why C programming is still dominating the digital market. Pay attention to this!

C programming
C programming

4 Reasons Why C Programming Is Still Dominating The Digital Market

  • Because of its portable features: C programming language is known for its portability and efficiency. Initializing from the compilers, followed by the libraries and interpreters, C language is incredibly integrated with all these.

    Every existing processor architecture consists of at least one C compiler. This allows the generation of intermediate C code, instead of generating the traditional machine code for the architecture. Do you know what’s the most surprising thing about C? Other high-level scripting languages like Ruby, PHP, Python, etc. all have C has their primary source. They have used C to produce these new languages.
  • Memory manipulation: C programming has some unique features – arbitrary memory access and pointer arithmetic. It uses the pointer arithmetic to manipulate the arbitrary memory address while coding different systems. These two features have made C a perfect programming language for different systems.

  • Short and crispy codes: You may have witnessed multiple pages of codes but they always appear short and crispy. That’s another perk why C language is still in use. Even if you compare C with C++, the former is much more compact than the latter. Despite not allowing to use extra features like C++, C has become more prominent because of its code size.

  • Easy to execute: And finally, you just can’t ignore another significant reason behind the regularity of using C language – the “no time” for execution. C never keeps its developers wait. The moment you have written your short codes, you can run and finalize it immediately.

    When it comes to execution, it really works very fast. This is because C does not have space for additional processing overheads. Unlike other programming languages where garbage collection and other processing overheads play an important role during the execution of codes, C is devoid of everything.
C programming
C programming


C programming makes the developers more efficient, boosting their productivity and career growth. Although there are many more high-level languages like Java, PHP, and C++ that possess extensive built-in libraries by combining their features with JSON, UI, database connections and so on, C programming language has its own charm.

So, guys, are you ready to spend some time on C? Are you ready to grow your career with C? Get in touch with the online or offline tutorial classes and gain sufficient knowledge to become a C programmer.