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Whats App achieved its peak position in the feature of its video calling

Now a day the Whatsapp messenger service plays an important role in the younger generation. The WhatsApp platform is now available on the device like iOS device, Android phone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and also Nokia devices and the application is now available to download for free from their particular app stores.

With the launch of Whatsapp Messenger services in the year 2009, it has become a world famous application via which we can do instant messaging services with the use of our mobile phones. The popularity of the platform is growing day by day. At first, it has the only feature of the normal text message and also the sharing of videos and pictures were available. Afterward, the application bought some new specification of sharing the PDF files, GIF videos, documents, audio notes and so on. With the improvement of time, the cross service of WhatsApp messenger platform is updating. Currently, more than a million users are using this application around worldwide. Due to its developing popularity, good news has access in the market recently in details to this application. Therefore this famous application has moved to a next step and thus, at last, the services introduce the WhatsApp video calling feature in the recently making disorder all around.

Just a few months before the service head made declaration made in advance regarding some of the upcoming features of the WhatsApp application Group Invite Links, Voicemail, GIF image support and the WhatsApp video calling feature. Now, they have been listening to many rumors and the video calling feature on the WhatsApp application got speckled a few days before on the Windows Phone, for a beat create. But it looks like now the WhatsApp video calling feature is available for the Android as well as with the latest beta version of 2.16.318 which is the current beta build.

Therefore the video calling specification on whats app seems to work but only for the users who have the new version. With the launch of the WhatsApp video calling specification user can change their task between the back and front camera end of their mobile phone. The option of the mute is also available over which the receiver will not be able to hear our voice via the microphone. Additionally, once you just tap the red button the call gets to hang up the call in the application.

How to make:

The making a video call in the application is quite easy. Therefore just tap on the mobile phone icon just like we make the audio calls and there will be 2 options on that like audio call and the video call. Press the Video Call to start the video call. However, it does not have the called preview like the Google Duo application. You also have the choice to send an audio message instead if you think the video call is not needed. Also, we can change between the front and back camera in the video call.

Video call feature of WhatsApp ranks first:

In generally, it looks like a decent and much-wanted feature by the people and that therefore many users have been waiting for the feature. Therefore finally the new feature arrived the market and it reached the users. This will helps many users to communicate and made easy to call. More numbers of people are using the new features for their person purpose. We can call from our place to anywhere.

With over 50 million video calling minutes of the day, India tops the list of the countries are using the video calling feature of the famous messaging application called  WhatsApp platform. According to the numbers which are released by the WhatsApp application, which is now owned by the Facebook service, therefore India records over 50 million video calling minutes are happening daily since the specification was going up in the last month of November. Till the month of February 2017, WhatsApp has crossed 200 million monthly active users in all over India.

Whatsapp platform users make over 50 million video calls on a day across the worldwide on the Android device, iOS device, and also in the Windows devices. The world records over 350 million video calling minutes in a day. Indian users provide with over 50 million video calling minutes as per day. The feature of the WhatsApp application that does not presuppose the quality of the network from which the call is being created has been involved in this success of the messaging service app in India. The video call feature quality makes better as the systems recognize the original network quality of the WhatsApp service. The video call services connect even if the network quality is low and it does not matter but with the less quality.

Therefore the video calling feature of the WhatsApp application is very simple for the users. Even a person who is not a technology or any new mobile phone users can use to make the video call via the WhatsApp application as simply. Since the WhatsApp application has been very famous in India, the firm received the excellent response from the users when it began the video calling feature in the application. WhatsApp recently renovated its Status option in the application and therefore granted the users to the video and photos with the caption added to them. This also welcomed by various numbers of people.

Some advantage of the video call feature in WhatsApp:

Video calling applications have to occur for at least a decade. Microsoft Skype service allowed the free video calls way back in the year of 2006, Apple launched the service called FaceTime in the year 2010, Facebook Messenger got the video calling last year and Google has been dabbling with the feature in multiple avatars for a while, and now has the Duo. Same like Whatsapp application has introduced the video calling feature. If we having the Whatsapp application means we don’t need any other video call platform. Here some of the advantages are given.

Doesn’t need any other applications for video calling:

There are already 165 million active users in all over India. Earlier, users used to share interaction with their friends on the WhatsApp application, now that you can place the video calls within the WhatsApp application itself, there is no need of downloading any other apps in your mobile.

End-to-end Encryption on Video call feature:

Video calls on the WhatsApp application are end-to-end encrypted. What this necessarily means is that no one, other than you and the person you determine to call can get approach to it. Not even the WhatsApp application will have access.

Unlike most of the other messaging application services, which are used by the end users, WhatsApp application has been accepted by the government agencies. Many of the police departments and state governments in India are already by using the WhatsApp application to let citizens offer to them and the video calling could possibly increase in it. Think that being able to register a police complaint through a WhatsApp video call feature rather than having to go to a police station in user.

The truth about the messaging applications and the platform is that users use the service where their friends and their family are and not by the new features. WhatsApp application without a doubt has the numbers and now can compete with everyone else on the specifications too.

Author Bio:

Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone Script. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.