Want to Challenge Yourself in Mountain Climbing?

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the southern and western hemispheres and the second highest of the seven summits with a height of 22, 837 ft.

It is in the Mendoza Province Argentina, in the Andes Mountain range. It lies around 112 km northwest of the provincial capital, Mendoza.

There was a time when Mount Aconcagua used to be a volcano when the oceanic plate dipped at a higher angle under the continent.

The mountain is bounded by the Valle de las Vacas to the north and east and the Valle de los Horcones Inferiour to the west and south. Aconcagua provincial park is the part of the surroundings of Aconcagua mountain.

It is one of the favorite spots for birds. As here you will see many varieties of bird inhabiting including the rare ones such as the condor, the puple eagle, agachona, etc.

There are lots of low bushes like yellow firewood, yareta, and goat horn, making the mountain look heavenly beautiful.

Every year a huge number of climbers come here to try the Mount Aconcagua’s summit. It is one of the favorite mountains among mountaineers. Every step here you take comes with danger.

One little mistake can threaten your life. So, the challenges make this mountain popular among adventure-seeking people.

The thrill of climbing Aconcagua


The climate here is the first challenge when you start climbing for Aconcagua with low humidity, low oxygen, and fierce winds. Often it gets hit by storms as humid currents of warm sea air comes from the Pacific Anticyclone, a high-pressure system in the southern Pacific Ocean.

These winds create snow on the high peaks according to trekkers. Even in the summertime, the mountain holds its fierce quality as the lightning storms create a greater risk for climbers.

Every year several people die in this mountain because of its fierce nature. One mistake can end your life.

A Question on Your Mental Strength

the expedition in Aconcagua is not for the uninitiated ones. It demands mental strength. And it should be at its peak when you prepare to climb Aconcagua.

Every step here is challenging here it makes the climber demotivated and snatches all the mental energy he or she possess. So, it is very important to be mentally stable.

While climbing you will get a thrilling experience on your mental level. You will be experiencing your death from the edge!

Test Your Physical Strength

This place is perfect to challenge your physical strength. The amount of strength requires to climb Aconcagua is beyond the imagination of normal people.

Despite having Aconcagua porter available, there is still more self-carrying loads of up to 15 kilos at altitude. Before the summit day, the route involves a 3 or 4 day walk into base camp followed by two or three high camps.

Bottom line

The aspiring mountaineers who are looking forward to stretch themselves climbing Aconcagua is apt for you. It will not only challenge your ability, but the experience will change the way you see the world. It will make you more tough and competitive. There are organizations which provide guided climbing which means you can climb safely.