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Utilizing The Samsung Galaxy S3 Cell Phone To It’s Full Potential

Everyone loves Android Operating System because it is very flexible in its applications, one can add many features of his/her own choice and get the best possible performance from Smart phone. The Android Operating system is incorporated not just into the high end handsets, but can be found in mid-range and lower end phones for this reason; mobile manufacturers like the popularity of the interface and use it again and again.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with latest version Android 4.0 OS that is more commonly know “Ice Cream Sandwich”. There are a ton of new features like the face recognition unlock, and Google Beam, making this version distinctive, innovative, and state of the art. There are some outstanding tips and tricks with which one can enhance the performance of this mobile phone, the most important are described below.

The compact design of this mobile makes it highly portable, small enough to fit in your pocket or small purse. Web browsing on this Smart phone is easy because of its large screen as compared to other similar Smart phones. You can download an application that can make the web browsing easy enough on this handset. To get the best possible performance, you can download Opera Mini and Google Mobile because these are feature-rich browsers. Websites are easily viewed on this mobile phone with the ability to set a detached column for browsers on your phone.

In order to obtain the best possible performance from your mobile phone, you can also install some other applications from the Android market. There are many useful applications for this phone, such as health and fitness apps, gaming apps, business apps, and much more that will make your life easier. The first preference of most of the gadget geeks is camera. This device has an excellent 12 megapixels camera with easy zoom in and zoom out feature, and this can be done by scrolling the screen in and out with fingers. To know more about other multi-media features, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 forum, where people discuss everything in details and you can get the latest news for this phone.

Those of you who are looking for a cheap way to keep in touch can download Google Talk or Skype on to your smart phone. This is just one of the many money saving tricks you can use to boost up your handset. It is easy to start calling directly from your phone once you download the required software. With this type of calling, you will have the option of paying less than you would with other calls you will make through your service provider.

Like all the other phones, this Smart phone also has some of the preinstalled apps, but you can also delete some unwanted apps and games from your phone to get some free space and it will also improve the performance of your phone. For getting maximum performance, you can also increase and decrease screen brightness of the phone that will save your battery life.