Transferring Files Are Now Easy With Xfileshare

XFileShare is SibSoft’s is a solution for professional and advanced file sharing assistance. More than five hundreds of people have started to use this file sharing application. People have said that XFileSharing Pro the best sharing script for file sharing available over internet today.

One can download this script from any shared, dedicated or virtual Linux hosting situation. This file sharing script is completely customizable with basic HTML coding practice. You can use this dynamic script of file sharing to place AdSense, banners and other links for advertising in your website. XFileSharing is the fastest way to monetize your website.

Upload system of XFileSharing

By using this upload system of XFileSharing a person is capable of uploading numerous files at a same time. There will be a visual representation for files that has been uploaded and also the files which are in progress of being uploaded.

There is also a password authentication which grants their user to secure every important data that’s been already uploaded. Users can also send links to their friends for the uploaded files. A larger file which is more than 2GB can easily be uploaded by using XFileSharing pro without facing any connection drop out while uploading the files.

Requirements of XFileSharing

  • Linux OS (Debian or Centos 6.x recommended)
  • Apache Web Server along with rewrite module
  • MySQL database
  • Perl which is higher than the version of 5.007
  • GD module, GD lib (this choice is optional)
  • Modules of Perl: DBI, DBD::mysql, LWP::UserAgent

How to remove or delete file which was already uploaded?

After the upload process ends you’ll be given a delete link, that link can be used to delete that particular file. In case if you lost the removal code than you just need to wait till that file gets expired after that it will be removed from your site automatically.

XFileSharing pro have an advanced scripting because of this you would not have to go through with general frustration of uploading large files which fails in the middle of the transfer process due to connection drop.

With this product one can easily know the upload status of your files. Also users who make recent uploads by using this XFileShare pro can also earn many points when they reach to a certain amount for downloaded files. Target audience have the higher ratio for receiving points for every download than those markets that are less desirable.