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Top 5 Features to Select the Best Ever Unified Communication Systems

It is important to be productive. In the fast moving world, productivity is something that counts. However, with the advent of technology, we have not witnessed much change in certain workplaces and they continue to use outdated features, slowing down their workforce.

Talking of technology in business, one area that needs the technological touchstone is communication. Therefore, for fast-paced communication, a business must replace their legacy phone systems with Unified Communication Systems. Talking of unified communication, VoIP is something with which we started our unified journey. However, it has come a long way since and 63% of the businesses have at least one unified communication app in the cloud. As per Infonetics Research, we will see that PBX and UC market will touch $12 billion revenues by 2018.

Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of the competitors, you need to look for unified communications systems with latest features such as –

  • It should be high on productivity

You need the unified communication system to improve productivity, so this is an important parameter to verify that your system is a problem solver. We no longer depend on the operator dialing, so why your employees stay stuck with admin-only call controls. Give your employees the power to set their own call rules that suit their workflow.  Allow your employees to setup where they like the calls to ring and for how long. Even they use the application to control calls in real-time, create conferences, or put calls on hold and much more. These tools are employee-friendly and improve productivity.

  • It must be compatible

No matter what kind of unified communication system you choose but it should be highly compatible to work with any device. Yes, interoperability is the biggest parameter for choosing a unified system. The phone must be able to integrate with intercoms, speakers, devices from various other manufacturers to cut on extra cost.

  • Check whether your unified system is flexible

There are employees in every workplace who have to work from home. It is thus important to assure that the phone system syncs with your phone system easily. With various offerings from carriers such as on-premises, cloud-based UC platforms, it sometimes becomes difficult to have the right solution. The best provider does not make your choice but is actually flexible enough to allow a solution without any compromise from your side.

  • Should be high on security

With documents, a number of customer agreements and important business information running through your UC system it is important for you to know that your unified system is damn secure. See if they come with features like two-factor recognition, data encryption in motion and at rest and the ability to retrieve long-stored data in the future.

  • Check how usable the systems are

If you are using a unified communication system that is challenging enough to operate, then your employees are simply going to ditch it. When you select a UC provider, make sure they have an outstanding usability and support. The interfaces should work intuitively and the integration on the backend should be easy. Just pay attention to the onboarding options, support, and see if they have relevant documentation and training services.

The bottom-line is unified communications system should be bold enough to resolve all your needs in business communication, enhance your productivity and scale things economically. If it is able to fulfill all these goals, the solution will work for you and your business will continue to grow in the coming years.