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Top 10 skills every beginning freelancer needs to succeed

Almost every modern person is dreaming about full independence. But as you know the world is ruled by money, and without them it’s almost impossible to make this dream come true, so all adults go to work every day from 09:00 to 18:00 to earn money for living. But there is another way out – Freelance, which can be any remote work that does not require attending office. Such work can be found anywhere. For example, if you are engaged with copywriting or creative writing, you can take a look at best essay writing service reviews, and if you possess necessary skills, experience and meet all employers’ requirements, you can start your freelance career here.

Here’s a short list of ten top skills that you have to possess to succeed as aspiring freelancer.

1. Ability to force yourself to work

This skill has to be first on this list. Anyone can find a job, even at a time when he is suffering from a crisis in the usual sphere of activity, and sometimes part-time jobs assumed to be just a temporary way to deal with financial difficulties, start bringing revenue that turns out to be more profitable than previous job.

2. Technical skills are a base of activity

Freelancer must possess some technical skills that will allow him to find clients, but he must also be good at his sphere to have ability to compete with other freelance workers. It can be pretty much anything, design, programming, marketing, SEO optimization, writing, translations or anything else

3. Knowledge of Microsoft Office

Often, people who are engaged with online jobs have to complete technical orders, write something, or create reports, so knowledge of MS office is a huge benefit. If a freelancer is well versed in Excel or Word, then it can become a competitive advantage.

4. Ability to work with Google Docs

Google Docs is a free office productivity suite, which is an alternative to Microsoft Office; it offers the most common tools like text editor, spreadsheets, presentations, and it gives ability to store files in the “cloud”, access to this office suite can be obtained by registering an account in Gmail.

5. Ability to stay within a short reach for customers

Freelancers who want to remain competitive must put maximum efforts to stay on the line with his clients constantly; if the client wishes to communicate via Facebook you should give him that opportunity, and if he uses Viber or Skype then you need to communicate with him using these tools.

6. Experience in social networks

Understanding of basic principles of social networks is useful for every remote worker. Today there are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others, if you have personal accounts on some of those, it will give you an excellent opportunity to tell about yourself, meet some colleagues and even find a job.

7. Knowledge of basics of programming, HTML and CSS

Many copywriters have to post their own content on third-party sites and understanding of how text layout works can be useful. The same goes for web designers, knowledge of HTML and CSS allows to work on mock-ups more thoughtfully, trying to facilitate the work of a coder.

8. Editing files in various formats

Any freelancer faced with the need to edit a file, for example, often you need to edit an image, transfer audio from a CD format to MP3, make changes to the vector image or edit a video editing.

9. Ability to take care of your equipment

Knowing how to eliminate certain technical problems is a valuable skill. Computers crash often enough, and if you understand what could be a reason of the problem and how it can be fixed, you have all chances to become effective remote worker.

10. Ability to search for clients

The easiest way to find first orders is to ask people you know whether they know someone who will be interested in your services, if no – you should stay patient and register on several Freelance platforms and look for customers there.