The Best of App Development for You

One of the things we hear most from beginners seduced by the world of mobile development “I’ve decided what I want to do with my life! I’m going to create an app that will make things viral, and with that, I’ll be rich! “

We probably even lost the client after the email.

There are three possibilities:

  • The person both read the email and simply decided to change schools of IT courses;
  • The individual read to the end, cried, wanted to kill me, and finally gave up the idea;
  • The professional read, understood and said: “challenge accepted!”

Thinking about it, to avoid more 5-page emails (which nobody likes to read), I decided to put everything we know about the trajectory of a mobile developer in a single post. We hope you like it and, more than that, you say “Challenge Accepted!”

Knowing the Programming Logic

Think of it this way: any software (mobile or not) proposes to solve a problem or meet a need. Now think about your everyday and simple problems, like ‘cooking’. For cooking, you need to perform a series of logical and sequential steps (or in parallel) to arrive at a certain result (‘food’).

This solution from app development melbourne, basically, is a structured set of actions that, from the resolution of minor problems, solve larger problems and, finally, reach the final goal.

Computational problems are not different, to be solved they need to execute logical and well-structured sequences of steps (algorithms). The way this sequence of steps should be structured is presented when you learn about Programming Logic. This knowledge is the first step in the journey of any software developer, regardless of the area of ​​expertise.

In short, he thought of learning to program, he thought of Programming Logic

And so, before you think about having your own app, it is extremely necessary that you understand and know how to write algorithms, as well as master the other concepts of Programming Logic, among them: variables, comments, types of identifiers and their assignments, arithmetic operations, decision-making and repetition structures, as well as understanding what they are for and what are vectors. To find investors online The right app happens to  be there.

Experience with Programming Languages

Programming languages ​​are responsible for identifying and processing the logical step sequences (algorithm) described for solving a problem or need. In other words, all languages ​​adopt the Programming Logic standards cited in the previous topic, which further stresses the importance of this knowledge to any programmer.

Which language to choose?

To natively build on the chosen platform, you need to learn how to program with the language used on this platform: Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Object Oriented Languages

Aiming at the world of mobile development, most mobile applications are developed with programming languages ​​that use the Object Oriented paradigm. This paradigm enables the developer to create their application by encapsulating business logic and writing smaller, more organized code.