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The Analytical Video of Security Camera Change of Paradigm Technology

Security cameras are not only a technological tool that help the security guard to detect suspicious events, they are also a tool that provides valuable information for decision-making and improvement actions regarding the security measures implemented.

The analytical video is the technique of analyzing in real time the content coming from the security cameras, to apply actions in the security system.

Nowadays, analytics in CCTV is a much more developed technique thanks to video analytics software, since you can monitor the installations without monitoring the screens all the time. This is achieved because the software is responsible for giving the signal in case of any eventuality in the facilities that are being monitored, saving time and effort on the part of the guard.

Video analysis makes the CCTV system with IP cameras more efficient and smart since it converts video surveillance systems into effective detection and alert systems. The data captured by the Camera with analytics system provides information with which the security company and the client can implement management strategies: Business Intelligence

Advantages of the Analytical Video:

Identification of vehicle license plates: As control of entry and exit of trucks and containers within the industrial sector.

Facial recognition: as an access control tool.

Container detection: as location control.

People counting: To know the number of people within a critical area, flow of potential customers in a business.

Crowd management: to identify people on large surfaces

Tracking people: To follow and chase a suspect

Unattended objects: To alert the central station about any suspicious object abandoned in the facilities.

Real-time alerts: For security personnel to attend to a relevant event just when it is happening.

Search of videos: through time, activity and location

Reports: Reports or graphics that help to make improvement decisions

Reduced costs: the guard is no longer required to monitor the cameras.

How does the software operate?

Installed in the camera

Installed on the NVR or as a third-party app

In any case, it fulfills the same function: it analyzes videos in search of the pre-established criteria by the user and generates alerts about the defined activity.

The detected images are processed by the SW and generate the necessary alerts, which reach the monitoring center or the people registered in the system so that the necessary security action is implemented.

It is clear then that the video analysis of security cameras is a technological tool that strengthens and helps in innumerable fields of security, as it provides business owners and companies with a myriad of essential metrics to design and implement improvement strategies. And increase efficiency in the security of its facilities.