Stay Amused With A Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Device

The successor to the already popular S2, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been highly anticipated Android Smart phone in 2012. Powerful and equipped with a lightning-fast quad-core processor, this phone continues to impress with some amazing features.

The many features of the Galaxy S3 make it stand out from the crowd, such as the 4.8 inch, 1080p high resolution HD display, and the standout 1.5 GHz quad core Samsung Exynos processor. It features two cameras, the front facing 2MP and rear facing 12MP cameras mean you will never miss a shot. It also provides support to connectivity of 4G LET. Boasting of a ceramic casting, this Smart phone is operated with latest Android 4.0 that is more popularly known as Ice Cream Sandwich. If you are looking for a standout phone, these are just a few of the selling points for this phone.

Samsung Galaxy

This device has a huge, 4.8 inch touchscreen display, which is an increase from the S2. It has a resolution of 720×1280; additionally, in it you can see display from frame to frame. This allows you to expand the screen to the outer margins of the phone, and makes the use of the touch screen effortless. Movies come alive with the multi-media, full screen facet.

Another best feature of this phone is its camera that is one of the top priorities of all the Smart phones geeks. This device boasts an advanced 12 megapixel, HD camera. The majority of smart phone on the market are equipped with an 8MP camera, making the advanced, 12MP camera a notch above the rest. The camera allows for superior, 1080HD video recording as well. You will get an amazing array of features, including LED flash, automatic focus, face detection, image stabilization, as well as the option for panoramic mode. You will learn more about its camera feature on Samsung Galaxy S3 games community forum.

The features the Android operating system as standard. Within this OS you get the Face Unlock feature, which requires your phone to recognize your face to open. This is a great feature for security purposes. There are virtual button rather than physical buttons. Moreover, the improved web browser has the capacity to create up to 16 tabs, and for better experience, the keyboard also has improved correction error. In this Smart phone, there is better and continuous voice integration for real time discussion and text dictation. There is more detailed discussion about these advanced features of the handsets in Samsung Galaxy S3 community forums, where different people and mostly tech geeks start discussion on some of the additional features. You can get guidance, news, or just have fun!

If you aren’t wowed yet, check out this phone’s eye tracking feature. This amazing feature can recognize where the operator’s eyes are looking on the screen and can actually react to this. The camera will follow your eye gaze on screen and act on the gaze, and hastily close when you look away.