Social Media is the New Business Landscape

With the rise of global social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the landscape of business is changing in dramatic ways. Businesses still measure success by the revenue they bring in each quarter, and their social media success is contributing more and more to that cash flow. New businesses to the global scene must plan for the the success of their social media programs if they are to be serious about competing in the worldwide business marketplace. Any serious business must now have a social media presence.

This graphic shows the top 20 corporations in the United States based upon the number of combined Facebook and Twitter followers each company has in the millions. It also features dozens of U.S. corporations that did not make the top 20. Among the top companies are Facebook, Coca-Cola, MTV, Disney, Starbucks, Converse, Red Bull and McDonald’s. The Levi company rounds off the list at number 20.

Social Media