Ruby on Rails Scripts Down An Entirely New Open Source Success Story

While there are multiple programming languages that are being used by the web development companies, the Ruby on Rails has gained a different market for itself because of its approachability, availability, security and cost effectiveness.

While the experts sit to consider the high-tech commercial triumphs and the failures of the past decade, it turns out to be a mixed bag with some of the high profile successes and even unforgettable crashes. Brands have come, and gone, but the techies have always seen the re-emergence of the Apple as one of the most dominant forces in the consumer technology as one of the most dominant stories in the past decade. But apart from this particular one, there have been multiple other success stories to be mentioned as well which have striven in the competitive market.

Back in 2005, as the official first version of the open source community was launched, no one could ever imagine that it would gain such a huge popularity and will inspire the programmers to repetitively use the coding that is required by some of the established enterprise platforms like the Java. But that is exactly what happened when in 2007, the Apple bundled on Ruby on Rails with their Mac OS. It was only an overnight incidence when ROR was introduced for the widespread audience and even accepted in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, the apps that are developed on the ROR platforms are also found to be used by the international companies like Amazon and Google along with the state government agencies as well.

The first and the most quintessential reason for the Ruby On Rails development companies in India to use it is the lack of language barrier. Since only a few developers look forward to learning the new languages, they prefer to use the ROR platform. Learning a new language involves stacks of books to be read, and seems to be too cerebral for many. Ruby, on the other hand, has been described as the lot more elegant, powerful and logical with a simplistic approach to the entire structure.

Ruby has got multiple powerful productivity features like delivering rapid feedback while coding, which is often compared to the incremental and plodding method of coding and compiling in Java. There’s a universal conviction in most of the ROR developers that they can program and run apps more efficiently than the rest who work on any other platforms except the ROR. This often catches the eye of most of the companies and translates the cost effectiveness in the IT departments.

The keynote address of most of the Ruby On Rails development companies has been the convention over configuration which reflects the simplicity and elegance underlying both the language, Ruby and Rails, the platform. While putting in the simplest of the forms, the programmers only need to create the codes for the most unconventional aspects of the application, and the rest goes without saying a single word. Although there might be multiple convictions where the future of open source is predicted to end very soon, the recent trends speak of something completely different. Whatsoever customization the industry goes through, the flexibility of ROR will still be its niche, and none can provide it better.

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