Reasons why iPhone is not better than Samsung

I just had an experience moving from an iPhone to a Samsung phone and honestly, I am enjoying it though I will definitely get another iPhone because I can’t do without an iPhone. However, the issue is not about whether iPhone is good or not but that iPhone is not better than Samsung.

In as much as iPhone is a great phone, it is still not better than a Samsung. However, selecting the best phone among them will depend entirely on several factors.

Even though both phones have similar features and some of the iPhone parts are manufactured by Samsung like the battery. The main difference in terms of physical appearance between the 2 phones is the screen size.

Though Samsung offers a much larger screen, new iPhones too have bigger screens most especially the newer versions. Phones with larger screens have their own advantages which are:

  • Everything on the screen is bigger which makes it easier to read
  • Movies and photos look better
  • Bigger screen means larger keyboards for typing

While there are advantages to a larger screen, there are also disadvantages:

  • Phones that are large do not fit into the pocket easily
  • Larger phones are often heavier and less convenient
  • Larger phones are easier to fall and break

When it comes to Camera quality, both phones do take quality pictures very well. The quality of both cameras is good enough to replace a professional camera. However, you can tell the difference between pictures taken with the latest iPhone and the latest Samsung.

When it comes to evaluating speed, both phones are quite fast. However, a test was carried out between an iPhone XS and Galaxy S9 using the popular Antutu software. The iPhone comes out significantly ahead of the Samsung.

When it comes to screen quality, both phones have an OLED screen. This means that in terms of screen quality, they both have the same resolution.

In terms of storage capacity, the Samsung has a bigger storage capacity than the iPhone and it also comes with a Micro SD slot for external storage. Though more storage can be bought on your iPhone online.

When you look at the comparisons, some comparisons iPhone wins while others go to Samsung, and some are equal. It all comes back to the user using the phone. It depends on what you are trying to do with the phone and your individual perception towards phones in general.

However, there are some things you just can’t do with an iPhone – such as downloads of digital materials like documents, audio and video. You can only do that by buying them through the Apple store.

What I like about Samsung phones is that they have a much longer battery life than an iPhone. When it comes to parts, Samsung phone parts wholesale are more accessible and cheaper.

Both iPhone and Samsung phone parts wholesale are available online or in your nearest phone repair shop. You have the choice to decide for yourself which smart phone is better for you.