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Questions to Ask Your Surgeon before Going for Rhinoplasty

Are you thinking to undergo Rhinoplasty Montreal? Well, that’s an excellent decision. However, before sitting for the surgery ensure to ask your surgeon the following questions. Read on!

Sometimes the shape of your nose can have a huge impact on how the outside world perceives you. Often, your face might be perfect but your blunt nose is making it look thicker. As a result, it’s possible that your confidence is not at its best.

Thankfully, owing to nose jobs or Rhinoplastie Montrealone can categorically get rid of this issue. Additionally, tons of people today are opting for Rhinoplasty as it is necessarily a one-time investment. However, even if you’ve decided to undergo a nose job surgery, you must discuss some of the procedure and protocols with your doctor.

This is why today’s blog will discuss 5 things you can ask your surgeon before undergoing the Rhinoplasty surgery.

Read on,

Q. Do you have any Board Certifications?

If you are opting for plastic surgery then it is best if you pick a surgeon of the clinic that has the official degree of a plastic surgeon. Now, surgeons

who have the board certification from (ASPS) American Society of Plastic Surgeons or (ABPS) American Board of Plastic Surgery are mostly capable of performing complicated nose jobs.

Thus, it is paramount to invest in a surgeon only if he/she possesses the board certificate for plastic surgery.

Q. What is the Kind of Rhinoplasty Procedure Will He/she be Using?

Now, depending on your requirements surgeons are often using open or closed methods for rhinoplasty. In the open method, the surgery is executed outside one’s nose where a tiny cut is made in the columella and the surgeon uses that cut to reshape the nose

The closed process refers to when the surgery is performed within a patient’s nose. This method is normally preferred by doctors as this minimizes scarring, and results are visible almost immediately after or during the surgery.

Now, depending on your nose requirements, your plastic surgeon will decide, which method is best for you. 

Q. Will the Nose Break During the Procedure?

Often a rhinoplasty surgeon is required to break a nose tail bone if it is hooked, crooked or bumpy. However, if you simply wish to slim the nostrils or narrow the nose base the surgeon does not require to break the nose.

So, consult your specialist and let him tell you the type of technique he will use for fixing his nose.

Q. What is Your Experience in Performing Rhinoplasty?

One thing you do not want is your specialist performing or testing their skills on you. So, ensure to ask them if they have more than 10 years of experience or not. A successful and professional surgeon must have performed nearly thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries before.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the questions to throw at your Rhinoplasty surgeon, ensure to find the best Rhinoplastie Montreal clinic. Just check online credentials, look for testimonials and make sure the surgeon has performed innumerable surgeries before.

You can also opt for word-of-mouth suggestions as these generally come directly from clients and feature the best clinics.