Why the paranoia regarding internet security is justified?

The surge in technologies is making it easier for the government and commercial prowlers to look into our lives, our activities, our likes and dislikes. They use this information for business reasons; they will sell your “information” to various companies who will look to subtly pitch you their products.

If you don’t believe me, tell me have you never receive a marketing text message or an email addressed to you by name? – Where did they get this information? Did you ever give your personal cell phone number to a company that provides bathroom cleaning solutions? – Of course not. Yet they have your number.

According to the founder of a leading anonymity website vpntrends.com, “Government and security agencies have made internet privacy so mainstream that we don’t really care about it anymore – but we should. The laws of online surveillance are outdated. They are terrifying loopholes, and we are not talking about NSA or KGB or any specific country, internet privacy threat is a global thing now and our internet sanctity is being violated in each and every single country.”

Our lives are now shaped in a way that we are inseparable from technology. Let me give you a simple example to demonstrate my point.

When you leave home next time, open Google Maps. Let load and put your destination in and click on “Directions” to start live GPS navigator. Here is the interesting bit, turn your mobile internet off but let your GPS location stay connected.

Even without the internet, Google Maps will guide you to your destination and track you every sec. Remember the internet on your phone is off. Logically your phone is cut off from sending or receiving any information – yet it does.

Our smartphones are connected to satellites 24/7. They know where we are and what we are doing. Putting your phone on airplane mode won’t protect you.

The only real protection, in fact a shot at real protection is to take precautions. When you are downloading data from internet make sure you are using internet proxy. When you are sending work files to coworkers, make sure you never do it by social media accounts. Use TOR browser for any private conversation that you might think may interest someone.

If you are reading this article you are a concerned citizen. Let me tell you that there are not many like you. They don’t realize the danger they are in. It is up to us to teach people the risks of internet privacy breach.

In other words, your internet security paranoia is completely justified.

About the author:

Nuur Hasan is a software developer and a political activist, he intends to dedicate his life to the becoming the voice of the voiceless.