Look Out For Something Of ‘Pinterest’

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the leading online social media channels especially if you like to share. And when it comes to planning your holiday then Pinterest has found its true vocation.

Pinterest is a form of ‘post-it note’ collecting. Just like with those little off-line sticky notes, you can make a note of something you like or need and then pin it. The only difference is that with Pinterest you ‘pin it’ online and you have the option of sharing your ideas with friends, family and even strangers with the same affinity.

Pin that Holiday Destination

We spend so much time on the internet these days – working and browsing – and it is so helpful to be able to set aside things we find for later. We might be in the middle of a work project and see a beautiful holiday destination on one of the websites we surfed past. With Pinterest we can keep a memo of it and go back to look closer later.

Users have their own “pinboards” online and there are different sections on Pinterest, including travel & places, fitness, food etc. You can make multiple online boards to store different trip ideas, such as weekend breaks or girly mini breaks to spas.

Finding a Holiday Destination

When planning a holiday destination, look for others who have been to the same place and follow what they are saying – and enjoy their holiday snaps, too.

You might be planning to go to Malaga again – but once you have spied an image of the Panama Canal on Pinterest, you might just decide to follow in a Pinterest user’s footsteps and venture further afield.

Pinterest as a social media site is not only about the things you like and have done but those you hope to do.

Keeping Useful Holiday Info on Pinterest

Travel advice on Pinterest can involve pinning your package tour company’s details, your hotel or your departure airport details online. Other Pinterest users can respond to posts, so you may receive a useful tip or recommendation.

Send News Home

And once you’re on your trip – whether it is a week away or a gap year – you can be sure that your friends and family are keeping up with your journey by ‘pinning’ photos of your trip on your Pinterest board as you go along. They’ll be there on your return to browse through and reminisce.

When you make holiday hotel complaint the tour operator has 14 days to ackowledge it and 28 days in which to reply to you.