LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 VS iPhone 8/7S Plus

The smartphone industry is growing each and every passing day; consumers also demand the latest devices with more great and innovative features. So, therefore, the competition between the smartphones industries is at their peak like no time ever before. The two mighty tech giants LG and Samsung always use to of introducing the latest devices to consumers in every passing year. These two smartphone industries are a master in their particular orbit. LG is popular because of its modular devices and Samsung is popular because of its appealing devices. The Latest advancement has been made by these two tech giants; Samsung is going introduces the Galaxy S8 while the mighty LG will introduce the G6 latest smartphone to their consumers.

Both the companies are best to one another but each has their own specialty. Let’s do comparison between the two latest tech creatures.

Design: Samsung Galaxy S8 VS LG G6

Both devices have the headphones jack and most importantly are water proof having slim bezels and without the home buttons, according to the rumors regarding these two mighty tech gadgets. The LG G6 has the modular design that already introduces in last year; the flagship will feature a rear glass with reflective metallic stuff. The LG G6 will introduce with a wide screen and small body and both the Samsung and the LG are going to offer an iris scanner on the front side which is quite similar to the Samsung’s note 7 has already offer before. Both the devices have sensor on the board.

LG G6: Samsung Galaxy S8: Display

The upcoming Samsung mobile will have 5.7 inches curved display and might be the 4k resolution, G6 will coming with the 5.7 inch Quad HD having LCD display. Samsung Galaxy s8 will appear having with super AMOLED. The LG G6 also having the 2880 x 1440 Quad HD+ resolution having pixel density of almost 564 ppm with the ultra-wide ratio of 18:9 but if Samsung Galaxy will have the 5.8-inch screen having quad HD resolution then it will have larger LG model.

Camera comparison of LG G6 VS Samsung Galaxy s8:

Rumors are on their way that the Samsung Galaxy will have the dual-rear camera having 12-megapixel sensors for S8 and the same thing is expected with the LG G6. The S8 will might have the autofocus camera on its front side and it is also possible that the both smartphones are going to introduce the combined iris scanner and also the front camera.

Hardware of S8 and G6:

Some sources reveal that the Galaxy S8 is going to appear with the Qualcomm Snapdragon having 835 chips with the Exynos 8896 processor and having 4GB or 8GB ram along also with the 64 GB and 128 GB storage having micro SD. Some sources also revealed that the both smartphones devices are going to offer USB of type c and wireless chargers. The S8 will have the battery power of 3000mAh up to 4200mAh but G6 has not revealed anything regarding the battery power.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6: Software

According to some expected news, both the devices are going to launch on Android nougat, but it is not clear yet that what type of features they are going to introduce, it is been confirmed that The Samsung Galaxy S8 has its own personal assistant.

S8 and G6: Price

In last year the price of s7 was £639 and the G5 had the £ 500, but according to some sources the S8 will cost their consumers at least £700 and for sure it will be the costly contrast to the G6.


Instead of display, nothing is been sure about the two mighty smartphones, which one will best for the consumer’s point of view. But we all know that the LG G6 is cheaper than The Samsung Galaxy S8, but we don’t know yet which device will perform better.

Samsung Galaxy S8 VS iPhone 8/7 plus:

  • Both of two are going to launch their latest smartphones within few weeks, even Apple has a good track record of selling iPhones, but it had not a good year of 2016 but the Samsung has done a better job because of Galaxy S7. Therefore, the competition is at their toughest position due to the upcoming launching of Samsung S8 and iPhone 8.
  • Even the solid proves regarding the specifications and qualities of the two are not sure yet, but sources are claiming something about the two big guns which are following.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 and The iPhone: comparison
  • The Apple is going to introduce its first ever smartphone without the Home button. While on the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy may do the same changes as iPhone is going to do.
  • Apple already made the combination of audio jacks and removes the 3.5mm audio jack. This would help out the Apple so, it may be possible that the Samsung will apply the same things on S8.
  • Recently both the mighty tech companies have introduced the fingerprint sensors on their devices, the feature of fingerprint sensor will fix under the display and it might be possible that an optical scanner having ultrasonic sensors that enable it to perform fast then a regular one.
  • According to some rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 edge is going to introduce 5.5-inch with the 4k display but on the other hand, Apple will continue its retina displays.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have Snapdragon 830 processor but regarding Apple, nothing is sure yet regarding processor stuff.

According to some rumors, iPhone 8 will have 32GB, 128GB and 256 GB storage version while on the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to have the single 64GB version and will have the 256GB expandable version.

iPhone 8 is expected to have 12 to the 8-megapixel front and rear cams, while Samsung S8 is coming with the 16 megapixel rear cam and 12-megapixel 4k capable front cams, according to some reports.


If the rumors regarding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come true then we might say that the Samsung S8 might be superior to its counter- part iPhone 8.

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