iPad Mini Is A Success

Apple has recently launched their latest addition to the iPad family, the iPad Mini. Who would have thought that launching a tablet that is essentially the same as the current models available but slightly smaller would cause such hysteria, given the fact that the original iPad is hardly an eyesore? The fact remains that everyone wants to be seen with the latest Apple gadget on the market, even if it is the same as the one you have lying around at home doing nothing. The impact of the iPad Mini can be measured by the fact that it sold over three million within the first three days of it being launched in California.

It is not just the West that is Apple crazy either; people in China are also falling over each other to get their hands on the device. Over 70% of China’s tablet sales went on the iPad. This shows the influence that Apple has globally and more to the point the market share Apple seems to have.

Apple have been pioneers in the tablet market. They were the first to launch anything approaching a tablet and it was Apple who adeptly named the device a “tablet” in the first place. Soon after Apple held one of their famous conferences in California, which they like to do to keep adding to the mystery of what’s coming next, the iPad was introduced to the world. As soon as this was done other companies was falling over themselves to develop a product of there of their own to compete with the iPad. Soon after the iPads launch, many of the competition launched their own tablets to counter the iPad and gain some market share within the tablet market.

Even after the launch of competitor tablets, with many of them available at cheaper prices to compensate for the technology being unparalleled to that of Apple’s, the iPad market share stands at a whopping 88%. And Samsung, who are Apple’s closest competitors in the phone market, only have 2.6% market share with their Samsung Galaxy tablet. There is a vast difference in these amounts and it shows the popularity of the iPad, not only for its easy interface and state of the art technology, but also just for the fact that everyone wants to be seen with the latest fashion accessory from the Apple family.

As astonishing as these figures may seem this can only be expected as it was Apple who invented the term tablet and it was they who first introduced the world to these clever computers. So everything else is just a slight copy, which is never as good as the real thing.

This article was written by Dave Simmons a supplier for the Tablet PC industrial market.