Importance of CISS continuous ink supply system

In today’s IT-driven world, printers have become essential part of the work life and businesses. Every once in a while you need a printer so that you can take out some print outs. All these printers are powered by cartridges that contain the ink needed for printing things out on the paper.


A new printer comes with a cartridge, but as soon as the ink is finished, you need to re-fill that cartridge. This is where you need to be careful and use only quality refills for cartridges. You also have to keep in mind your budget for this, since different refill cartridges come under different price ranges. By refilling cartridges you can save money instead of to buy new cartridges. And A cartridge refill that offers both quality and value for money is what you should go for.

CISS refilling and refilling both are different things, we can say CISS refilling much better than normal refilling because Ciss is the continuous ink supply system and continuous ink system in their design to increase printing capacity and quality of printing. Due to continuous ink supply, printer head life also increase. Now these days technology becomes advanced, so an auto reset chip assembles with a CISS system which operate automatically. CISS refilling very helpful in those priner, whose cartridge very costly like HP, Epson, Canon etc. Now Ciss HP refilling is very popular, in the HP Printer CISS system used commonly.

There are many advantages of Ciss for HP printer like Prevents from junk-ink because ink supply is continuing and automated, no falsified colors and frayed edges, reduce heads clog etc.

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