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Drone Technology in Perspective: The Many Uses of Drones That You Need to Know

Drone technology has become popular for a lot of beneficial and controversial reasons, and for sure you are aware of it. For instance, drones are used to produce the Hollywood films you loved. But aside from film and video productions, there are several other uses of drones.

From military surveillance and rescue missions to commercial and agriculture purposes, drones are indeed the go-to gadget today. For you to know the many uses of drones, take time to read this article.

Sports Photography

If you are an old fan of extreme sports such as skiing and motocross, perhaps you have witnessed the evolution of sports filming and photography. This evolution took a great stride because of drones. Drones can capture angles and moments of your favorite extreme sports so well than traditional, hand-held cameras.

In fact, big and popular sporting events such as the Sochi Winter Olympics took advantage of drone technology to film ski and snowboarding events. For sure, the use of drones for sports filming and photography will be more popular in the years to come.

Wildlife Protection and Conservation

With the growing number of endangered animal species, the conservation and protection of wildlife have been one of the foremost priority for us now. Monitoring these threatened animals is essential to the people working in the field.

However, monitoring endangered species, such as wild animals you see in Africa, can pose a significant danger when humans come in close contact with them. That is why the development of drone technology is so beneficial to keep safe not only the humans but also the animals when it comes to wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservationists can now monitor the movements and behaviors of these endangered animals by the use of drones without risking their safety and disturbing the peace of these animals.

Atmospheric Research

Keeping an eye on the changes and patterns of the atmosphere is one of the ways that can help us to determine the weather in our area. It is also a way to protect the surface of the Earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

In the old days, we used regular aircraft to monitor atmospheric patterns and changes. However, those aircraft can cost us a lot of money. In the advent of drone technology, many scientists and meteorologists have used drones to have an accurate and budget-friendly way to do atmospheric research.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Operations

For sure, you already know the use of drones when it comes to disaster relief and emergency operations. Perhaps you have seen it all over the news at the time of the disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina and other environmental calamities.

Drones have various range of uses for disaster relief and emergency operations. You can use drones, for instance, when entering radiation zones brought by nuclear accidents to search for casualties and survivors. Since it is unmanned, drones can have zero-risk to human health in situations like this.

You can also use drones to deliver medicines and vaccines to remote areas and disaster zones. Drones are also useful to quell forest fires and the like.

Real Estate Property Inspections

Since federal law has approved the use of drones for commercial purposes in 2012, many realtors have used drones for real estate property inspections. Taking high-quality aerial photos of real estate properties is a great help in real estate marketing.

Real estate marketing and inspection using drones are now widely-used in the US, Australia, and in other parts of the world. Just make sure, though, that you follow the rules and regulations for the commercial use of drones.

Movie and Film Productions

Of course, it is not a secret knowledge that big Hollywood film productions used drones for the movies that we loved. For instance, drones are useful in taking beautiful and heart-stopping shots of our favorite science fiction and action films.

Gone are the days of using regular aircraft like helicopters to take the wonderful scenes of our favorite movies. The new age of filmmaking has now come, and big thanks to drone technology for it!

Agricultural Purposes

For how many years now, Japan used drones for use in agriculture such as spraying pesticides and other purposes. Yamaha Motors developed the first drone use for agriculture in Japan and, since then, the idea has spread to other parts of the world.

The long days of agricultural work can now be done in a few days because of the use of drones. Nowadays, some drones have infrared cameras to analyze the qualities of agricultural yield such as grapes to make wine, and also rice grains.


There is just too much to talk about the applications of drones. For instance, you can use drones in sports photography, wildlife conservation, film productions, disaster relief and emergency operations, and more. If you want to buy one, you can look for high-quality drones in sites like Deal Wiki.

Author Bio:

Ivan Palen is a freelance blogger who is interested in gadgets and technology. He writes topics ranging from gadgets to use for office work and the importance and many uses of drones. Ivan also loves to watch sci-fi movies in his free time.