Why Device Safety is More Important than Ever?

 Nowadays, your phone or PC can face attacks from sources you never imagined possible. Connection to the internet 24 by 7 has increased their vulnerability factor by leaps and bounds. Read on to know why keeping your devices safe is of paramount importance for your security.

There is a mind boggling variety of malicious software out there today. A good security antivirus which is up to date is your best protection against such malware. You may have heard of viruses, worms, bugs, bots, adware, Trojan, spyware and rootkits. The names are indicative of the damage these infiltrators can do to your computer and your life.

Why take security seriously

Your phone or laptop holds confidential work and personal information. Information which if stolen or lost can do you irreparable damage. There are passwords galore, investment info, financial transactions, browsing history, bank records, personal databases, contacts, books, photos, videos and other digital records. Not surprising, considering so much of life is lived online nowadays. From personal diaries to budget sheets, who keeps paper trails nowadays? You wouldn’t want to lose any of this info ever, would you?

Kinds of damage

Think stolen passwords and access to financial information. Malware can take control of your computer and make your network behave erratically. Bugging pop-up ads and running scripts which consume resources are other effects. Harmful software can peek into your online life, execute transactions in your name and crash your system. You can lose all your hard drive data while having a snoop peeking in your computer.

What to do about it?

Use an operating system and browser which gives top priority to security. That means one which is recommended by security experts and brings out regular updates. Don’t forget to run updates on all your software at consistent intervals.

Be careful online

Use verified sources to download files or executable programs. For financial transactions use secure websites only. Set your passwords with care and try to keep them as impersonal as possible. Change them regularly and avoid keeping a record of them online. Without these basic precautions, even the best antivirus protection is of no use.

Use removable media with care

USB drives, CDs and DVDs are particularly vulnerable to attacks, so don’t store important information on them. Keep the ports of your laptop closed to prevent hackers from accessing them. Backups of data are good, but remember, the probability of access to your data increases in proportion to the number of backups you have.

Last but most important – antivirus

An antivirus program keeps your computer safe by scanning it for harmful malware and dealing with it by informing you or removing it. It protects your system from attacks when you browse the internet. As new viruses come out daily, the antivirus program needs to be updated regularly so that it has the latest virus registry on record. An antivirus program works by comparing specific codes with an existing database and detecting abnormal behavior.

Get the best antivirus out there

To keep your system safe from hackers, you need the best antivirus software. Reve antivirus has good options for personal use. It guarantees a fast scan of your device with increased virus detection in addition to real-time protection against spyware, bots, worms, viruses, and Trojans. With a variety of reasonable subscription options, it’s definitely an option worth checking out. It’s never too soon to get yourself the protection you need.