Connecting Sites To Call Centers With Click To Call Technology

Most people do not really know what click to call is because of the fact that it is a relatively new concept utilised in business. Just as the name implies, this technology connects computers to a phone line and is used in order to generate leads. Companies that specialise in lead generation utilise this in order to increase sales for themselves or for clients who hire them.

Implementing Click To Call Technology

There are different ways in which this technology can be utilised in order to make a connection to call centers. The companies can use various setups in order to achieve the same effect. You can even locate various firms which utilise multiple setups at the same time. Leads and sales counts can be increased whenever setups are used.


Computer to computer technology is the one method that is usually preferred because of the fact that it is the cheapest. All that is necessary is to have 2 computers that have messengers like Yahoo or Skype, microphones and speakers. Headsets are usually enough. Messengers help a lot in this case but you have to make sure that both you and the potential client are using the same messenger program so the call is basically free.

The second method of implementation is to use a phone line and PC. The potential customer needs to push the website click to call button and then connect. A visitor can utilise messenger and the call center will answer via a phone line. The customer doesn’t have to pay anything but companies will be charged for the call.

The third option is to utilise phone to phone connectivity. When the user initiates the click to call action, a computer is taken out of the entire equation. Prospects will basically be called by a representative from the call center directly.


All three methods mentioned above are suitable for implementing click to call technology but it is important to make a choice based on the funds that you have available, the trained staff who you employ and the type of clients who you are targeting.

By Sam Hurley; a Digital Marketing Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK