How can you double your E-commerce Sales from Instagram?

Do you have an e-commerce business and wish to gain the competitive edge in the market? If yes, wield the power of Instagram to grab user attention and double traffic. Instagram with its user base of 800 million registered users is a great way to reach out to the targeted audience and generate better sales for your e-commerce website.

E-commerce and Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform as it is a visual portal. You do not have to worry about creating content like Facebook and Twitter. Post images of your productsand use the right hashtags and add a short caption- this is enough for you to grab the attention of your online audience. E-commerce is a platform where you must engage with your customers on a regular basis, and Instagram gives you the opportunity and chance to interact with them wherever you go. You can instantly download this application on your smartphone. Upload posts and reply to comments on the go. User interaction is vital if you want to create a loyal customer base for your e-commerce website.

Schedule your posts

When you are on Instagram, ensure you schedule your posts so that users get updates frequently. You should check when your users are the most active, post during this time. Use Instagram Stories and post short videos to grab their attention. That helps you to increase followers for Instagramand give you a competitive edge in the market. You should post daily. Your customers look forward to your posts. A good content posting strategy also includes using the right hashtags and keywords. The caption should be short and straightforward. The images you post should have high resolution. The same goes for videos. Make them short with a compelling business message.

Make the buying process an effortless one

When customers visit your e-commerce website, you should make the buying process an effortless one. Instagram helps you to increase buyers with posts that have a call-to-action link. This link helps your customers to make a simple purchase from your e-commerce website. When you are promoting a product on your site, ensure you check the link. The link should not be a broken link. If your customers cannot access the link, this will create a wrong impression of your e-commerce website, and the bounce rates of your site will increase. It will affect search engine optimization rankings as well.

Create relevant posts for your Instagram e-commerce page

When you post content on your Instagram page for your e-commerce website, ensure it is relevant. Use posts that have trending hashtags to catch the attention of your targeted audience. Instagram is a visual platform, and if you are not using Instagram for your website, you will be missing out on a large number of potential customers.

No matter how small your e-commerce business may be, create an Instagram business pageand regularly update it with content and reach out to your targeted audience to establish a rapport. That will generate consistent traffic every month and convert leads into sales as well!