Best gadgets which makes 2016 as year of tech innovations

Every year companies are in the search of the most innovative and ground breaking gadgets that change the trend of the industry. They come up with the highly technical and coolest gadgets that create innovation among buyers as well as market. Normally the new produced gadgets are in the continuation of the trend that we see in the previous year. Here are some high tech innovative gadgets that changed the trend of the market completely in the year 2016.

  1. Wearable trend of the year: Fitbit Flex 2 watch

Last year in 2016 Fit bit Flex 2 has ruled the wearable industry with its unique, versatile and innovative features. It was designed with ultra-adaptable features like swim proof technology and sensor removing feature that allowed user to remove sensor from the band and can be placed in any other accessory when needed.

  1. High tech phone of 2016: Google Pixel

Google’s specially designed smartphone Google pixel has outnumbered Apple’s smartphone which is most highlighted phone each year for its software and hardware. Android has specially customized hardware for Google that allows it to run smoothly. It is compatible with virtual reality headset with the best available camera around. This phone has given a good competition to iPhone 7.

  1. Best Laptop of the year: Dell XPS 13

This gadget was the most demanded and highlighted laptop of year 2016 and thus gained the top position for its best design, small footprints and sleek profile. It comes with the latest features like MacBook and carries rose gold colour variant. The design of this laptop is so appealing that it has created a huge demand in the market.

  1. Most demanded toy: Hatchimals

After popularity of Tamagotchis and Furbies, IN 2016 Hatchimals took the lead. It was unusual oy as compared to others as it had a onetime hatching feature that happens after some time when the toy is out boxed. Hatching depends on the player as how well its played. This unique feature make this toy quite innovative and became the most famous toy during Christmas.

  1. Best Tablet: Apple iPad Pro

Leading gadget company Apple is pleasing its buyers with the best high tech features available in its gadgets. Apple iPad Pro is a 9.7 inched tab that allows users to draw using pencil. It carries unique feature of PC replacement. With the different colour variants like silver, gold, space grey and Rose Gold, it carries the best camera among other tablets and powerful A9X processor.

  1. Gaming invention: PlayStation VR Headset

This gadget was the most highlighted, innovative and popular gadget of the year that has given new trend to the gaming industry. It has integrated LED around the headset for motion sensing which provides the virtual reality experience to the gamer. It also carries the in-line remote attached to its cable that allows user to control audio settings.

  1. Best Drone: DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro is the latest flying camera gadget from DJI which is so sleek that can also fit in the pocket of the user. It is a Drone that unfolds into most advanced technology available in the market without a license.

There are many more gadgets waiting to rock your life in 2017 after adding amazing experience to 2016.

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