Basics You Should Know About Click To Call

Click to call is known as click to chat, click to text and click to talk. It is a type of internet based communication that sees a person clicking on a web object (i.e. text or image) in order to request immediate connections with people through VoIP, text or phone calls. Click to call requests are usually offered on sites through hyperlinks and can be included in flash animations, video, wikis, blogs, emails and many other user interfaces or Internet based objects.

Click to call (CTC) can be described as being a really misleading name because nowadays it is not 100% accurate. We can define click to call technology as a request to call. To put it simple, you click the web object and you request a call through putting in your phone number. CTC is used these days in order to turn web traffic into direct phone communication.

The huge advantage of such technology is the fact that the consumer does not need to download special programs. In most cases the software that might be utilized for communication is already available on the user computer (Skype, Yahoo) and most calls area always done directly to phone calls. Only plugins like Flash might require downloads.


The basics of click to call are really easy to understand. You put in your phone number in a dialog box and then the intermediary service will call the third party industry and a merchant, connecting them together through regular telephone conversation. It is highly similar to the conference call that is common in business. A user wishes to talk to a company representative and click to call makes that happen. The website operator will call the person that clicks the click to call button so the payment for the call is handed by the operator.

Why Click To Call?

There are various studies that highlight the efficiency of click to call technology. Website conversion rates are bringing in a 143% ROI average according to Forrester Research reports. The initial payback on the investment made into necessary technology is obtained in 7 to 14 months even when referring to highly expensive CTC systems. There are many different hardware and software systems that can be implemented but the advantages that they bring in are the same.

On the whole, it can be said that click to call technology will increase leads and return of investment for the business that uses it because of the direct contact that is achieved with the targeted user. The only problem is that you have to conduct a market research before using CTC in order to make sure that the implementation of the technology is necessary. Sometimes sales can be made without CTC but they are always higher when you use the technology. The only reason why you should not include click to call is that you do not have the necessary money required.