5 Tips for Your Google and Nexus Pixel Screen Repair

As technology has reached its peak so does the smartphone. The Google smartphone is loaded with the best of the digital technologies, from an interactive Google assistant to the highest-rated smartphone camera available to unlimited online storage for photos and video.

Now imagine you buy your dream phone and unfortunately it meets certain damages. The damage may be malfunctioning of the operating system, screen damage, water damage, etc.

Google pixel smartphone was released a few years back. But sometimes the screen gets damaged because of the pixel problem. The picture quality gets blurred. Or sometimes you may have a broken screen.

The same goes with Google Nexus phone. You may also face a problem with Google Nexus screen repair. Because once your phone gets damaged it means all the work associated with it will be left undone.

So what would you do in this case?

Most people look for a repair center. The problem with the repair center is that it takes a lot of time to repair your phone. So you need a company who can repair your phone as soon as possible. And also the quality of services should be of premium quality.

Don’t worry there are centers in NYC where you can get your Google pixel screen repair within a short time and you can enjoy your phone like its brand new even after repairing. And most of the time you won’t need to go for a repairing second time.

How to repair the screen in case of replacement/broken by yourself or under professional guidance. Below is a guide.

  • First, your device is turned off.
  • They the edges of the display is heated and soften the adhesive underneath. The surfaces near the speaker and microphone have larger adhesive sections. Alternatively, you may use a heat gun or a hairdryer. These areas may require slightly longer heat exposure. The display should be heated until it’s slightly too hot to touch. It may take hardly two minutes to do that.
  • Inserting an opening tool deeper than 1.5 mm into the sides of the device, or 9 mm into the top and bottom can permanently damage the display.
  • Insert an opening pick or a playing card into the gap between the chassis and the display assembly. Begin to slide the opening pick around the edge of the display, cutting through the adhesive that secures it. Continue carefully separating the adhesive around the rest of the device.
  • Now the display is removed and repaired accordingly. Some replacement displays do not come with an earpiece speaker grille.

It is always better to consult with experts whenever such situations occur. There are companies in New York City where skilled expertise is accessible easily. You can easily visit their shop and make your Google pixel screen repair within a very short time. They do not even take much time as any other repair center.