5 Cool Gadgets for Students

Learning has taken a whole new shape compared to how it was around 20 years ago. Most of the people back then never had tools that today’s students have at their disposal. Now, students have the luxury of learning better and get good grades thanks to cool gadgets that they can use. If you are struggling this semester, these gadget picks may be the answer to push your sagging grades up.

The iPod touch

The iPod touch is touted as the iPhone without the phone. It is an invaluable tool for students to keep up with lectures. They can use the rear-facing camera to take snapshots of the lectures on the whiteboard and use an app to store it. Students can also record the lectures of your favorite lecturers and download it later. You can choose recording using audio and video capabilities. If you want access to the App Store but you don’t want to pay for cellular service, this is the phone to consider.


If you think that the iPod touch is small for your taste; then taste 9.7 inches of iOS glory with the iPad. The rich app ecosystem of the iOS will serve you in good stead. You can use a lot of application that could help you better study and give you good grades than you hope for. Newer iPads have better camera and you can have a video study session with your buddy through FaceTime or Skype.

Livescribe Pen

It is one-of-a-kind pen that you will definitely want to have during class. This pen has a microphone and can record the lectures. It also has a smart writing technology that can record your pen strokes and store it for use later. It uses a pen and paper interface and can connect with other devices through wi-fi. You can have a digital form of your notes which you can access anywhere, anytime.

Bose in-ear headphones

If you want to listen in peace and have some music piped-in while you study then this is the headphone for you. The Bose in-ear headphones come with very gentle silicone tips that rest well on your ears. It comes with different ear buds to make a more personal and comfortable fit. With the Bose brand you know that they mean business when it comes to sound. You can study better and avoid the noise from your snoring roomie.

Amazon Kindle

Once it was just an e-book reader, now the Amazon Kindle can do it all. The new tablet computer comes into its new iteration as a multi-purpose tablet without turning its back to its e-book reader past. The same old Kindle that we knew plus the might behind the Android operating system.

As technology progresses, there would be much more gadgets that will come out. The gadget picks above represents the basic gadget for the student to excel. There could be more out there to fulfill your specific needs but none of them can really deliver the goods like the picks we have above.

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