4 Fun & Easy DIY Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

There’s just so many ways with which we can reuse the plastic bottles but yet we decide to throw them away that eventually clogs up our oceans and mess with our eco-system. But why do we do so?

Well, you may have gone online and found a bunch of tutorials to reuse plastic bottles. But none of them seems right as it is too much complicated for you. Or you are too reluctant to recycle by depositing them in bottle returns Calgary or in other located depots.

With this blog, you won’t be finding anymore excuse as these DIY ideas for plastic bottles reuse are simple and fun. Let’s look into some ideas that are easy and will make best reutilization of plastic bottles.

1. Bird Feeder

You can make a Bird Feeder and do some good for these little creatures as well as for the environment. Plus, it is super easy for you to fix up a bird feeder out of a used plastic bottle.

All you need is a string, scissor and of course, the plastic bottle. Now make a hole on the side of the bottle that is large enough to enable flow of seeds freely. Keep in mind to make the whole of perfect size.

Make another few tiny holes at the bottom of bottle so that the rainwater can pass through with it. Hang the feeder with the string outside and your Bird Feeder is ready.

2. Hanging Planter

If you want to decorate your terrace garden with some beautiful hanging planters, then don’t buy instead make some. Take a cleaned out plastic bottle and carefully cut the bottom half of it with a utility knife.

Tape the freshly cut edge of the bottle nicely with a masking tape. Now punch 4 holes around the taped area at regular intervals. All you are left to do is to pass strong twines through these holes.

Make sure that the twines are all of equal lengths. This will ensure that the plant hanger will be hanging straight down instead of an angled position. Don’t forget to line the bottle with an aluminum foil for adding an insulating layer for the plants.

3. Watering Containers

You can easily make watering containers for keeping the plants of your garden hydrated. Just a few simple cuts and your very own made watering container will be ready to use.

Take a 2-liter plastic bottles and make holes on its cap. You got to make sure that the hole made must be in the center. Cut off the base of the bottle completely so that you can fill in water.

Place the bottle upside down on the soil so that the cap is inserted well below the ground. Voila! Your Watering Container is ready to be used.

4. Flower Vase

All you need is some creative ideas and some cool paints. Just cut off the top half of the plastic bottle so that it is large enough to hold the flowers.

Color the rest of the bottle with some fun colors and your flower vase is already.

These are the simplest DIYs with which you can implement to reuse the plastic bottles. You can always deposit them tobottle returns Calgary depot or in other locations.